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Thinking about all the people in my life  tonight and feeling gratitude. love and appreciation for all of them.

It's good to remember that love is available to us all 24/7--not just once a year when all the retail stores announce that it's "love day."    I had a funny moment today.  Earlier I had been sitting on my pity pot contemplating the fact that I would not get a valentine card today from a special person.  Then when I was waiting for a cashier to  print out a lottery ticket for me, I saw a stack of valentine cards by the cash register.  There were 8 of them.  While the cashier  was printing out a quick pick for me, I read all 8.   They were corny and sappy as they should be, but each one was fun to read.  The experience inspired me.  Regardless my circumstances next year on Valentines Day, I think I'll go to Hallmark and read every one of their Valentine Cards.

So what else on this love day?  I "loved" the Garland Community Garden by adding mulch to the children's garden.  I had a lovely dinner with my friends Gene and Margie.  And I just about completed my Fairy Garden for the Bud and Blossom Club.  As usual, the concept in my mind is never quite the same as what I execute, but still it was fun.  I only have two things left to do:  1) Finish the double doors and 2) Build the outside ladder to the garden.

Tomorrow I'll try to bend Margie's leg into taking bark that I have and constructing a Fairy Garden that can withstand the weather in a garden.  Unfortunately, mine will not.  However I have an excellent resting spot planned for it.  I'll donate it to the kiddos in my URBAN GARDENS FOR KIDS class at Beaver Magnet school.


  HOTEL FAIRY View 1:  I still lack putting on the double doors and the ladder that will go up to the garden.  This is an old garden pot that I gilded with fairy gold and painted a border around its edge.  


 FAIRY HOTEL View 2.  The hotel has three views featuring fairies looking out.

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