What do you do when it snows?  I play in the snow with friends from Loving Garland Green down at the Garland Community Garden.  Among other things, we were celebrating a state-wide award for Loving Garland Green from Keep Texas Beautiful that we just heard about yesterday.


Anita Opel, treasurer of Loving Garland Green poses with the first snow person she ever made.  (Having lived in Minnesota for over 1/3 of my life, I taught her all I know.)  Our work of art is somewhat anatomically correct for a snow woman, given they have very thin arms.  Later, after this photo was taken Anita got another creative burst and made a headband and necklace for our Lady of the Garden who will be here today and gone tomorrow.

Margie Rodgers, Loving Garland Green Board member, makes a snow angel.


Liz holding hands with Snow Woman-- March 5, 2015 

The official measurement at the DFW airport is 3.4 inches.

As far as my  yard here in Green Garland is concerned: The official measurement is 4 inches.  But what does this mean in terms of water for the garden?  

According to meteorologists: The snow to liquid equivalent is the amount of liquid precipitation produced after melting snow. The temperature profile of the troposphere (lowest layer of Earth's atmosphere and site of all weather on Earth)and the surface temperature are important factors that determine this value. The "average" snow to liquid ratio is 10:1. This is saying that if 10 inches of snow fell and that snow was melted it would produce 1 inch of liquid precipitation in the rain gauge.  So this recent snowfall has yield just a little more than we would have gotten from a 1/4 inch rain.

Thinking about weather extremes today, I was thinking that 2010 was our hottest summer, but my own research proved me wrong.  Turns out the hottest year in our history so far has been 2011.  Yep, summer 2011 is officially the second hottest on record for the United States and the hottest ever for Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana, according to a release from the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Association (NOAA).



Our own award-winning Keep Garland Beautiful chapter nominated us for this awared.  Of the four awards, two are from the DFW area and two are from the Hill Country. As president of Loving Garland Green, I'm honored that our organization was chosen for this award. Look at the other winners and you'll see what I mean.

Civic Organization Awards from Keep Texas Beautiful recognizes contributions by civic organizations that support the Keep Texas Beautiful mission. 

1st Place First United Methodist Church Allen 
Definitely worth a visit. 601 South Greenville Ave. Allen, Texas 75002 This church has a labyrinth to walk. The material used is terrazzo and its design is Medieval Chartres We had thought about one for the Garland Community garden but have opted instead for an American Indian Medicine Wheel and a medieval Herb Garden. (The medicine wheel is in place and the build for the Herb Garden is scheduled for late April.) Garland already has a labyrinth located at the Gloria Dei Lutheran Church 1333 Garland Road.) 

2nd Place Texas Botanical Gardens & Native American 
Interpretive Center, Inc. Mullin (Mullin is located in Mills County in the Hill Country. I'm even more honored that we are considered in the league of this organization and their efforts.) Visit their web site and you'll see what i mean. Wow: 

3rd Place Loving Garland Green Garland [We have hardly begun our history is so new. We installed our first garden bed in the Garland Community Garden April 12, 2014. Since that time we have initiated and participated in numerous projects for the benefit of our community.] 

Honorable Mention Lost Pines Master Naturalist Smithville
For almost a decade, the Lost Pines Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalist program has been training volunteers to help maintain the community's natural resources and preserve the unique beauty and character of the local environment. The Lost Pines chapter, was formed in 2000 to serve Bastrop and Caldwell counties.



I rest my case for fun in the snow with one of Margie's yard art frogs!

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