Bring your rake, hoe, hammer, nails, wire and other garden tools and help us tidy up the garden.  If you have plants or seeds or pots or other garden related items to share, bring them too.  I’ll be bringing lots of seeds.  Among my seeds will be some very special German butter beans.  Why are they special?  The mother of one of our members saved them in her refrigerator since 1996.  I planted them last year (2023) down at the garden.  They germinated and being a seed saver, I have several packets of Laura’s German Lima bean seeds to share.  By the way. If you have seeds left over from prior years, don’t throw them away.  Most of them will likely be viable for many years.


This is also a good time for those who may want to have a plot at the Garland Community Garden.  We will be assigning plots to those who want to garden.  Also, there are plenty of greens for those who would like to take some home.  For those who don’t know how to cook greens, we will have some recipes that you can copy with your phone.  Greens are healthy and it’s a good idea to develop a taste for them.

The garden is always beautiful and wonderful.  I was down there yesterday and all the daffodils were in bloom. However, by Saturday, they will mostly be spent.  That’s the thing about gardens:  they are like the rivers that Heraclitus, an ancient philosopher, once observed. “You can never step into the same river twice.”  Nor can you step into the same garden twice as, like the river, the garden changes from minute to minute.

Fennel is making a comeback at the Garland Community Garden this year.  By the way, if you need mulch for your garden at home, I think we have enough mulch for all the gardens in Garland--and it's free!