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Members of Loving Garland Green have already been busy!    Beginning on January 3 we planted fifty tulip bulbs.  This is our third year to participate in the Journey North Tulip Garden and Climate Change Study.  Each fall and winter people across the Northern Hemisphere plant Red Emperor tulip bulbs in Journey North Test Gardens to help monitor seasonal change in a scientific way. ... Local climate affects where, when, and how plants grow. Over time, the timing of plant growth can be used as an indicator of climate change.  This year four of them emerged February 7.  In prior two years tulips emerged January 27.

March 6 we helped the students at Park Crest Elementary School here in Garland Texas put in their spring garden.  It was a fun all day event in which we planted over two hundred vegetable transplants. Loving Garland Green were in charge of planting the vegetables. Other groups at the event hosted additional activities for the children.  Reba Collins, a naturalist from Keep Garland Beautiful, presented discussions on pollinators and the roles they play in our food production.  Last year Reba and the children installed a large pollinator garden beside the vegetable garden.  It includes mostly native perennials that are already beginning to come back.  There was a tasting table where children were encouraged to taste different kinds of food (prior to corona virus awareness).  Also we had a group of perma-culturists there who showed the students how to regrow vegetables and compost.

Planting at the Garland Community Garden

Many of us got our plots planted just before the Texas monsoon began.  Below is a photo I took on March 12 after I planted lettuce, basil, kale, Swiss chard and cauliflower.  Already my bed had kale. celery and oregano growing in it.


Plant Sale:  April 4 at the Garden!  9 Am to Noon.

Since our plant sale will be out doors and there are never crushing crowds--never more than 10 people at any one time.  It will be OK.  IF you arrive and there are more people than you want to be around, you can wander in the spacious garden and enjoy the fresh air.

Tomatoes and Herbs that Charlie and I are growing for our donations to the plant sale.

Yard Sale:  April 10 and 11th - Corner Bellwood and Naaman School Road

As usual we will have everything under the sun.  All will be reasonable priced.


Note:  In the event of any revised public health ordinances, of course our events would be postponed until a later date.