You don’t have to go to Iowa to see “Knee-high in July”.  You can go to the Garland Community Garden and see corn “Chest-High the first of June” – Corn Patch Garland Community Garden June 3, 2017 – We even have chairs at the garden that you can use to sit and listen to the corn grow.  Here is the scientific explanation of sounds that plants make when growing: accessed 6/3/2017


The Garden Is Life

Since the beginning the human race and the story of The Garden of Eden, the garden has stood well as the metaphor for life.  I came upon this thought as my own mind rambled while thinking about our student project and how much the garden has to teach all of us—not just the young people in our community.

Being this time of year, graduation was also on my mind and topic brought to mind graduation speeches and advice that the more experienced in lessons of life provide to our youngsters.  How well the garden as metaphor for life serves speechmakers.  For example, who hasn’t heard these well-worn clichés:  “you reap what you sow; keep the weeds our of your garden and your life; untended gardens turn to weeds; a well-tended mind, like a well-tended garden provides refuge in times of adversity . . . “

I decided to see what was out there in the world on the topic of “garden as metaphor for life” so I Googled it and received almost two million results (1,790,000). 

So here goes for what a few of those 1,790,000 folks had to say about the garden as metaphor for life.  Check out the sites for details.


From Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen: accessed 6/3/2017.

11 Reasons why Gardening is the Perfect Metaphor for Life

  1. You must be willing to do the Sh*t jobe.
  2. You must have a vision and big dreams.
  3. You must be willing to plant the seeds and plants.
  4. You must clean up after yourself.
  5. You will need to learn how to deal with things that are totally out of your control.
  6. If you don’t do the work you don’t eat.
  7. You need patience.
  8. It’s hard to do alone.
  9. It’s good to be thankful.

10. Sometimes you have to let things go.

11. It’s all about love.


 THE SURVIVAL MOM  Accessed 6/3/2017

Why Gardening is a Metaphor for Life

  1. You need to build a strong foundation before your start to see the results.
  2. Don’t fight nature.  Go with the flow.
  3. A garden is like a relationship.  Maintenance and perseverance are the key in the long run.

“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”—Martin Luther


 Michael Pollan:  How  Gardening is a Metaphor for Life

Like most gardeners, Michael Pollan, celebrated author of many books on the topics of eating, food, and gardening.  In one of his books, Second Nature:  A Gardener’s Education, Pollan writes that “The garden is an unhappy place for the perfectionist.  Being a gardener, he says, teaches you that life isn’t always about you and what you want.  You can’t control everything.  There are other living beings that you share this place with.  Unless you respect what they need, you are not going to get what you want.”  This book is often considered a manifesto for gardeners and environmentalists.  Accessed 6/3/2017


Gardening is the Best Metaphor for Everything.  Even Engineering

Sami Grover—Business/Corporate Responsibility accessed 6/3/2017

The revolutionary idea to me from this article is that something as organic and nonlinear as a garden can be a metaphor for something as non-organic and linear as engineering.  Grover points out that the answer to the sustainability puzzle may be to give up on the notion that we can design a solution or answer to sustainability.  Instead, this author suggests we need to identify how we can create the best “soil” for growing these answers.  If we view our world through engineering or mechanics, we postulate that if we do X then Y will follow.  The world doesn’t work that way.


Gardening has a Close Relationship with Spirituality

There are many biblical parables invoking imagery of the garden — the pruning of vines, sowing of seeds, and harvesting of grapes.  Taoists believe that miniature gardens are the earthly copy of Paradise. In Islam, the four gardens of Paradise — Soul, Heart, Spirit, and Essence — symbolize the mystical journey of the soul.


Six Ways Great Leadership Is Like Gardening

John Brandon – Inc. accessed 6/3/2017

  1. Look for growth
  2. Nurture in any way possible.
  3. Plant Seeds.
  4. Get excited about progress.
  5. Remove impediments
  6. Praise consistently.


Reap What You Sow!

Update on harvest from North Garland High School Environmental Club’s plot at the Garland Community Garden.

I just got the word from Jane this morning that the following was delivered to the Good Samaritans yesterday:

“So I got a big dent made in that Bermuda patch until I ran into the resident fire ants. Then I harvested bush beans, cucumbers and basil.  I took all but for about 1 lb of cucumbers to Good Samaritans.

Bush Beans  1 lb 3 oz

Cucumbers  4 lb 5 7/8 oz

Basil                    8 3/8 oz”