It seems in the past week that both Dallas and Garland Animal Services Departments have come under fire.  From what I gather the two issues of complaints are much different.  In Dallas it seems people are concerned for the welfare of people in that viscous pit bull attacks (even involving deaths) are the main sources of those complaints while over here in Garland we have animal rights folks saying that animals are maintained under inhumane conditions at our shelter.


No Cruella de Vils among our Animal Services Personnel in Garland, Texas  

In fact, they deserve some gold stars!

I probably wouldn’t even be writing this post except for my own recent interaction with the Garland Animal Services, which was more than satisfactory for my pet and me.  Last Sunday, June 3, I was away from home from 1 to 6 PM.  When I came home my 18-year-old rat terrier, Bubbles was gone.  I have a fenced backyard and a dog door leading from backyard into my kitchen.  Someone must have opened my unlocked gate in my absence and let Bubbles out.

After running around calling her for about half an hour throughout the neighborhood, I posted to the local online neighborhood gossip chain and then I went to the online mutt shot gallery that is posted on our Garland Animal Services site. 


There she was.  A note below her photo said that it had been posted within the last hour.  That brought me so much peace of mind to know that Bubbles was safe and not been hit by a car or destroyed by a larger animal.  Otherwise I would have worried all night long about her safety.

Charlie and I were at the Garland Animal Services one minute before 10 AM when they opened on Monday.  When I was filling out the paper work, Charlie went back to the kennel area to see Bubbles.  He reported that she was drinking water and that she also had food and a clean cage.  [Note to Cynics and would be Critics:  Ok you can say that since it was 10 AM that the cages are cleaned just prior to opening the facility at 10 AM.  I’ll give you that.  The real test is to ask if the facility has SCHEDULED spot checks for water and clean cages throughout the day.]


I sent an email to the Garland Animal Services on Friday asking them if they had a schedule they followed throughout the day to ensure the animals have water and clean cages.



To prove their merit for this star, here is a message that was in my email box this morning from Mr. Hugo:

Good afternoon Elizabeth,

We do an in depth cleaning in the morning and we have officers make rounds on half hour or hour intervals, depending on availability. We do check water levels and soiled cages. There are times, like today, that there is a lot of people visiting the shelter. We do our best to make sure that someone is back checking on the pets as soon as time permits. 

Thank you,
Hugo Espinoza



Bubbles needed a rabies shot so she got one prior to being able to leave the facility.  I held her as she was given the shot and she did not even flinch, much less bark.  My dog is old and arthritic.  Sometimes she yelps when I pick her up.

Also I talked with a friend of mine who said that two years ago she had a squirrel in the fork of a tree in her backyard.  It was foaming at the mouth and bleeding from its rear end.  She called Garland Animal Services and they were at her house within the hour.  The fellow who came put on big gloves and gently removed the squirrel and put it in a cage.  He ask my friend if the squirrel had been close to her dog and told her that a vet would check for rabies on the squirrel and let her know either way.  He also assured my friend that the squirrel would be put down humanely.  Jane said that you could just tell he was the kind of person who loved animals.

Bubbles, My Friends and I all think the Garland Animal Services personnel deserve a Five Star Rating for their treatment of animals and use of resources they are given.


Bubbles and Liz give the Garland Animal Services Personnel a 5 Star Rating



Libraries and local businesses are often the backbone supporting maker efforts to build a makerspace in a community.  I was thinking about that today as I delivered flyers to the North Garland Branch Library, to our downtown Library and to several of our downtown merchants.  The Garland Area MakerSpace is particularly fortunate to have great support from our local libraries and our local business people.

My first stop was at the North Garland Branch Library.  Not only do they support the Garland Area MakerSpace by providing a space for our monthly meetings, they also allow us to post announcements of our latest public programs.  This morning I was dropping off announcements for our Lampwork glass bead class to be held Tuesday June 12  - from 7 to 8:30 PM at the North Garland Branch Library.  Our downtown library also took our flyers to distribute to their customers.

Libraries and Makerspaces in almost all communities are closely affiliated and no wonder.  Libraries often feature their own maker activities as well.  For example, this spring the North Branch Garland Library featured a rock-painting event that was hugely successful (all rocks were taken).  The children painted messages of encouragement and good cheer on rocks that were then scattered about in places throughout Garland.  Members of the Garland Area Makerspace attended this event and donated some of the paint.  Coming up soon the South Branch Garland Library is featuring an event for children to 15 year olds where they will be making tie tacks for Father’s Day.


Robert A. Smith, Commercial Real Estate Developer in Garland Texas at Rosalind’s this morning along with Lola, manager of Rosalind’s, and Cary Hodson, owner of Intrinsic Smokehouse & Brewery.  Both Rosalind’s and Intrinsic are located on the downtown square of Garland.  Cary really likes makers.  He helped to bring our monthly Urban Flea to Garland.  Speaking of which, the Urban Flea will be on the square this very Saturday!


On the left we have Main Street Café--a great place to eat.  They have been supporting Garland Area Makerspace by taping our announcements to their front window ever since we began. On the right is the front window of Intrinsic Smokehouse & Brewery displaying the announcement for our lampwork glass bead class on June 12. 

You can see information about the Garland Area Makerspace in other downtown windows as well:  Dos Banderas, and Main Street Deli to name a couple.  We also have supporters that are not located in our downtown area.  For example, Rockler Woodworking and Hardware, located at 584 W Interstate 30 in South Garland and 3D Printer Farms located at 7223 Blythdale Drive in Dallas.  We love them all.


COME TO OUR JUNE 12TH MEETING AND HELP US STRENGTHEN OUR NETWORK WHILE LEARNING HOW TO MAKE THINGS YOU NEVER HEARD OF.  IT’S FUN!  And so are the people!  Life is too short to be a hermit.  Get out and meet people, mix it up, and have some fun!  You deserve it!  Come join the makers in your community. Let’s build something great together.



Tuesday June 12


North Branch Garland Library

3845 North Garland Road

Garland, Texas 75040


In addition to our monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of the Month, we are also forming special maker interest groups that will meet twice during the month.  These groups will meet in members homes to further their knowledge and skills in a particular area.

For example, Eco Makers will be meeting in my home twice a month beginning in July.  This group is for those who are particularly interested in making items from what others might label as "trash."  More information on this group will be upcoming.

Some of the Eco Maker Ideas and Crafts we may be exploring include the following.  Of course there are lots of other materials to be considered such as paper for one example.


MATERIAL:  Aluminum Cans





MATERIAL:  Plastic

5. 38 Ideas for those plastic water bottles -

6.  Precious Plastic – Create things from plastic -

This video is for the more sophisticated and serious maker.

Still it is interesting for the curious and those who may be considering delving deeper into transforming materials.   




Tuesday June 12 - 7 PM

North Branch Garland Library

3845 North Garland Avenue - Garland, Texas 

 Janell Jenkins, Garland Area Makerspace board officer and artisan will be presenting a program about an ancient bead making technology that is over 3,000 years old--lamp work glass bead making.