Members of the Garland Key Club at the Garland Community Garden


What a great Saturday morning!  Eleven members of the North Garland High School Key club arrived at 9AM and worked until noon--that’s 33 people hours.  When you add the five Loving Garland Green members who were able to attend, that’s another 15 hours for a grand total of 48 people hours in our community garden today. And can you tell the difference! Working together makes all the difference.  Just imagine, if cutting all this brush was done by one person, it would have taken them 48 hours to do the job that we did in three hours.


Key Club is an international organization, sponsored by the Kiwanis (another great service organization) and created to connect high school students to community through service.  Key Club members volunteer and help others through both community service and fundraising. They contribute to charitable causes and volunteer for organizations such as UNICEF and Bow-Dazzling to help others in need.  They do lots of good for the people in our community.  Later this month they will be helping senior citizens clean up their yards.


The North Garland Key Club’s passion for service has led them to become one of the top 25 Key Clubs in the Texas-Oklahoma district.  If the job they did today at the Garland Community Garden is any example of their outstanding work, we certainly hope that they are able to continue this trend.  As usual, I was impressed by their sweetness and wonderful manners!  Over the past 15 years I’ve worked with Garland students of all ages--from First grade through seniors in High School.  The story is always the same: an encounter with bright, interested, polite youngsters who are fun to spend time with.  Thank you for your work accomplished today. 


Community Connections Continue.  .  . 

Next week Garland Park and Recreation people will come and mulch the two brush piles that we created today.  The mulch will be used in the beds at the Garden.  Community partnership is a great thing for all.