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Update on Iflizwerequeen Urban Gardens:

Note: Gardens are located at 216 East Kingsbridge Drive, Garland Texas.  Garden One is in the process of replacing my entire front lawn.  This is the first garden I've ever grown.

Already the middle of October and my gardens are still producing.  Below is a photo of produce that I gathered yesterday from Urban Garden One (in the front yard where my lawn was):  Tomatoes, Siberian Kale, Eggplant and green Bell Peppers.

Okra keeps producing.  Urban Gardens One and Two are filled with okra and blooms that promise even more.  Below is a photo of an okra plant from Garden Two alongside my driveway.

About two months ago in early August I planted two standard sized pomegranate bushes in Urban Garden one and a dward pomegrante bush in Urban Garden Two.  Below are blossoms from one ot the standard sized pomegrante bushes in Urban Garden One.  The dwarf in Urban Garden Two already has formed two pomegranates.


A Few Lessons Learned So Far from My Gardens

Eggplants grow well in my gardens.

Okra grows well in my gardens.

Kale grows well in my gardens.

Cantaloupe grows will in my gardens

Blueberries, blackberries, almond trees, peach trees, and Pomegranates grow well in my gardens

Swiss Chard grows well in my gardens

Radishes grow well in my gardens

Anything on a vine grows poorly in my garden