The Paris St-Germain forward is on his way to Argentina for a season-long contract. But there are plenty of questions surrounding his future and his relationship with fans. The former Barcelona star has been vocal about his frustrations with Paris fans in the past, and he'd probably be surprised at the level of protest. Ultras, or PSG supporters, were instrumental in luring Neymar to PSG four years ago. But now, they're backing the Argentinian's decision and are ready to settle for the colossal fee that he demands.

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Since arriving at PSG in August, PSG has tried to welcome him with open arms. The first time they met, they gathered at Ander Herrera's house to celebrate Ander's birthday. The players have always felt backed up in the dressing room, even though he had fought with Sergio Ramos while playing in Spain. The Paris St-Germain striker has been surrounded by talented teammates from the start.

A front cover story in L'Equipe drew a booing audience. The story went on to say that the Barcelona international's salary is higher than the average French player. The article may be inaccurate, but there's no way of knowing whether or not the report is correct. The family's search for a home in Paris has become a soap opera, with regular interviews in local newspapers and social media.

The inside story of Paris St-Germain's star's relationship with his teammates is more complex than you might think. It's no surprise that he'd feel backed up in the dressing room. His relationship with Mauricio Pochettino and his son Sebastiano prompted him to take on a new role as a coach. Despite being backed by his teammates, his wife Antonella is the real rock in his life. The two of them have become close and are even active on social media.