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by Rebeca Gracia

There has been debate over the potential correlation between root canal procedures and breast cancer for more than 100 years based on practitioner observations and patient anecdotes, but no significant studies have been published on the topic. Most holistic practitioners are now aware of the need to evaluate dental health as part of a thorough physical exam, and that root canals may be linked to chronic disorders such as cancer because there is a plausible mechanism.

Whether root canals can lead to cancer is a much easier question to answer. Teeth are much more than just hard pieces of bone protruding from the jaw that only need polishing on the outside. Each tooth functions just like an organ, and is connected to the rest of our body via the meridian system. Also, teeth are quite porous; they possess more than three miles of tubules filled with fluid and nutrients and communication molecules.

A root canal procedure typically removes the nerve inside the root of the tooth and a filling substance is placed inside, but the rest of the tubules are left open and available for pathogen growth. Under normal conditions, enzymes in saliva, fighter cells from the lymphatic ducts and blood flow all work to keep pathogens in healthy balance. But once a tooth has a root canal, the tiny tubules are now sealed off from our natural defenses and pathogens quickly adapt to their new, “protected” environment.

Bacteria and other pathogens harbored in a root canal tooth can travel to distant parts of the body and cause disruption of function, eventually leading to cancerous growths. Not all root canals end up with infected abscesses, but root canal teeth can be a breeding ground for low-level or subclinical infections. It may not feel like a toothache or even show up on a regular dental X-ray, but these types of hidden infections can be detected using whole body thermography.

The thermography report shows correlations between dental imbalances and organs linked along the acupuncture meridian system. The breasts are specifically linked to specific teeth, according to the system of acumeridian tooth-organ relationships. Infections in these teeth, even if subclinical, can cause imbalances that show up as symptoms in other parts of the body.

For those that already have a root canal, it is recommended to have the area evaluated with whole body thermography and have the report sent to a biological dentist to discuss what might be done to improve their dental health. To find a local biological dentist, check with the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine or the Holistic Dental Association.

Dr. Rebeca Gracia is the center director of the Thermography Center of Dallas. For more information, call 214-352-8758 or visit


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