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Salt Cave's Kids Cave

The Salt Cave in Southlake offers Natural Ttreatment for Variety of Ailments


The Salt Cave of Southlake is celebrating its one-year anniversary and according to owner Shelly Jackson, RN, BBA, the business has already developed a loyal following, treating a variety of ailments with a natural method known as halotherapy. However, it was a desire to help her own daughter that motivated her to launch the business last year.

Prior to opening the clinic, Jackson, a former nurse with 25 years experience, had a 8-year-old daughter who suffered from acute allergies. It was from sources she couldn’t avoid such as grass and trees, and traditional treatments had side effects.

“I didn’t want to inoculate her little body,” said Jackson.  So she looked for alternatives and discovered halotheraphy. It turned out to be a miracle cure plus it was 100 percent natural.  While there were other clinics in the area, Jackson and her husband opened the center in Southlake to provide their daughter easy access to treatment close to their Colleyville home.  One year later, Jackson said, her daughter is virtually symptom free. Meanwhile, Jackson has helped more than 8,000 clients.

 European doctors discovered the treatment after observing that salt mine workers had healthy respiratory systems.  Over the years, researchers developed halogenerators that can distribute rock salt into an aerosol spray, which is breathed in during therapy.   The Salt Cave uses Himalayan rock salt, imported from Europe, which is known in local folklore culture to purify and ionize the air as well as absorb excess moisture.

Jackson said in addition to treating allergies, halotherapy is commonly used to treat asthma, eczema, rosacea, acne, arthritis, migraines, respiratory ailments, as well as depression and anxiety.  “It’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal,” said Jackson. “It opens up airways and acts like a big tooth brush for lungs and sinuses.”

 The Salt Cave offers three different treatment rooms. The Relax Cave features inviting cave-like surroundings with chaise lounge chairs, calming music and heated lavender wraps. The Kid’s Cave offers a salt “beach” where children can play in the salt sand while they get treatments. Then there’s the Yoga Cave, where clients can participate in a yoga class facing a mountain mural while getting benefits from breathing in the salty air. In addition, the Salt Bed offers a private setting for full-body halotheraphy sessions.

Since they’ve opened, Jackson said they’ve already had several people inquire about opening franchises. As a result, Salt Cave now offers licensing agreements for those who want to open a clinic in their area.  “We've had lots of interest, that’s why we started offering it earlier than we probably would have,” she said.  Jackson said the treatment sells itself.  “It’s 100 percent natural and safe. There are so many benefits,” she said. “It’s so healthy for you.”

The Salt Cave Southlake is located at 200 N Kimball Ave in Southlake.

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