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Philanthropist and Earth Day Texas founder Trammell S. Crow has partnered with Future 500 to launch the Earth Day 50 Challenge, a system of market solutions to ocean, forest and climate challenges. They plan to secure commitments from 50 of the world’s most influential companies with a deadline of April, 2020, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, to see tangible progress. These global companies and eco-activist groups will join forces to use brand power and consumer awareness to tackle the planet’s toughest environmental problems.

Crow says, “These are the kinds of partnerships and programs we promote at Earth Day Texas. By working with forward-thinking companies and corporations who commit and continue to embrace eco-friendly products, production, distribution and sales outlets, we can advance the cause of climate health, habitat restoration and united communities.”

“This isn’t just about recycling boxes and cans anymore; the challenges to our forests, oceans and climate systems are so daunting that no one community, country or company can solve them alone,” says Bill Shireman, Future 500 executive director. “We are committed to finding common ground and using the power of markets to first halt the damage, and then repair vital planetary systems for the benefit of all.”

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