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Thermography Center of Dallas Partners with Rockwall Complete Wellness Center

Rockwall Complete Wellness Center in Rockwall is now offering thermography services as an affiliate of the Thermography Center of Dallas. According to Rockwall Colonics owner Dominique Robinson, the center begin offering thermography last month after purchasing the equipment and receiving training. “I’m friends and associates of the Thermography Center of Dallas. It was kind of a logical next step,” she says .Robinson is already seeing a demand for the service at her clinic through word of mouth.

 Thermography complements other treatments at Rockwall Complete Wellness, including colonics, nutrition therapy, ionic foot baths and far-infrared sauna. Robinson began offering alternative therapies after she faced colon cancer and was told she had only weeks to live. When traditional medicine failed, she adopted a raw food diet, began a vitamin C IV and started colon hydrotherapy treatments. That was 17 years ago.

 Today, as a cancer survivor, she’s a believer in alternative medicine and helps others through her wellness spa. Her wellness philosophy is based on her belief that the body is a self healing organism.“To me, health is very, very simple,” she says. “If you give the body what it needs and stay out of its way, then it’s designed to heal itself.”

 That starts with making sure the body is getting the right nutrients.“I’d rather people go to food rather than any supplement,” says Robinson, who is a raw food chef trained in herbology.Colon hydrotherapy is another of her signature treatments. “The colon is the garbage disposal of the body, so if it’s not clean, the blood will not be clean,” she says.Ozone therapy, infrared and steam saunas and ionic foot baths are also treatments to build up the immune system.“It’s not medicine or food that heals the body, it’s really the immune system,” says Robinson.

 Rockwall Complete Wellness Center (formerly Rockwall Colonics & Wellness)  is located at 2455 Ridge Rd, Suite 151. For more information, call 214-771-8900 or visit

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