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A World Made New, Just For You

 For North Texas Earth and sustainability stewards, it’s never looked better; the choices, availability and quality of environmentally conscious and sustainably sourced and recycled gifts have never been more robust. Beautifully crafted, unique and saving the planet one recycled product at a time, these are some of the most interesting 


Flower Child Plants

Flower Child Plants creates unique botanical art with the environment in mind. Owner Cynthia Koogler  says the goal is to expose people to nature through art and horticulture in a sustainable way. They create planters, terrariums, jewelry, home accessories and other specialties with hand-gathered and vintage materials sourced from thrift stores, discarded items, garage sales and flea market, as well as driftwood from the New Mexico desert, local waterways and wherever nature may present itself. For those looking for interesting, unique, nature-inspiring artistic pieces Flower Child Plants is environmentally focused on providing botanical art that inspires and shares their love of nature. Find Flower Child Plants products by visiting one of their  upcoming  pop-up markets or at their website shop. 

For more information, call 972-861-2953 or visit



 For totally sustainable tables, chairs, bars, sculpture and other pieces, check out the work of Fort Worth-based PalletSmart. Specializing in rugged, rustic and uncommonly beautiful furniture,        made from  the raw, natural wood of pallets. PalletSmart's mission is to recycle old, discarded pallets and build items for sustainable, greener living. Whether indoor/outdoor furniture, home décor, including shelves, planters, racks, key trays, bars stools or custom orders, this sustainable craftsman excels at turning old wood into new ideas. Pallet Smart’s original concept, which was based around repurposed wood projects, has now grown to include the use of metal and other recycled items.

 Location: 5321 White Settlement Rd., Fort Worth.  For more information, call 817-945-1584 or visit



 Re-Geared focuses on cycling, offering cards, candles and other home décor and accessories emblazoned with bikes and created of repurposed bicycle parts. Working with metroplex cycle shops, castoff gears, bike wheels and rims and steel alloy chains in varying weights all find their way into Re-Gear’s industrial chic accessories, art and furniture. Much of the wood used is also reclaimed. The pieces range from a steel alloy key fob made of bike chain links priced at $7.99 to the custom designed and built tables and display cases that Re-Geared has created for local restaurants. They also offers picture frames with bike chain links ornamenting either side, beer coasters, framed state flags made of painted coiled bike chains and gifts for the holidays 

 Location: 2276 Vantage St, Dallas. For more information, call 817-416-0165 or visit


 Stash Design

 The goal at lower Greenville’s Stash Design is to blend simplicity and style, focusing on sustainable and green building. A temple for all things weird and breathtaking, through repurposing and up-cycling, STASH spans commercial and residential applications. Artist-owner Gary Buckner and artist Kim Linder do it well by reworking found objects, salvaged items, including wine boxes, rebar and milk crates; as well as  glass, metal and wood into sought-after furnishings from an X-shaped chandelier of conduit pipes to a cow-skull-turned-art piece with a mask of screws, rivets and copper pieces. STASH handiwork can be seen throughout the city, from the Belmont Hotel Bar, The Foundry, Oddfellows and Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters to  Stampede 66. 

 Location: 1902-A Greenville Ave., Dallas. For more information call 214-764-1828 or visit


Sweetly Recycled

 With unique handcrafted gifts, Sweetly Recycled is committed to the principle that in order to build a sustainable future for our children, we must reuse what still has value. Products include their signature embellished wine bottle collection, using bottles recycled from family, friends and area businesses. Other products include handcrafted, embellished wind chimes made from recycled bottles; each assembled with repurposed and vintage findings such as recycled glass beads, pearls and crystals. Other gifts include, bottle stoppers, styli and shaving brushes. All wood products are made from recycled and scrap hardwoods. They also make refillable soy  candles in recycled tin cans covered in scrap paper and handcrafted wine bottle containers. They also feature mini journals covered in scrap and hand-stamped gift tags made from recycled office supplies.

For more information, call 214-734-8975 or visit


 Walleska Eccochicc

 With a tag line of, “Greener, one day at a time,” this Dallas-based company creates sustainable handbags, apparel and accessories handcrafted from natural resources and recycled materials. Eccochic employs a group of 50 artisan women living in economically depressed communities in Brazil that merge traditional crafting techniques with recycled and sustainable materials to co-create their handbags and apparel. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces and belts are produced locally by artisans in Dallas and through the recycling efforts from across the U.S. Products also include tops, dresses and kimonos.

Recycled materials  are sourced locally, either in the U.S. or Brazil, mostly through neighborhood networks, friends, garbage collectors,\ or recycling centers. All materials are thoroughly washed and cleaned before being handcrafted into unique products. Order online or at the showroom.

 Location: 615 N. Good-Latimer, Ste. 3, Dallas. For information, call 214-943-1722 or visit

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