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Understanding the incredible healing power of the body, mind and spirit is at the heart of the treatments, classes and consultations at Rockwall Complete Healing and Wellness. Founder and owner Dominique Robinson explains, “We are our own doctors, and no one can navigate our bodies the way we can.” Her lesson comes from a very personal source, as she was diagnosed with colon cancer 20 years ago and was told she only had two weeks to live because the sickness had spread to her liver and lymph nodes. Doctors told her that even with chemotherapy, she would live no longer than six months.

Robinson decided to opt for alternative treatment and went to the Optimum Health Institute, in San Diego, where she was put on a raw food diet. After only four weeks of this simple dietary adjustment, the cancer receded from her lymph nodes. There were not many holistic hospitals in the U.S. at the time, so she saw Dr. Francisco Contreras, a world-renowned alternative cancer treatment expert, in Mexico. Here she was put on IVs, colon therapy, ozone sauna and juiced for two straight years to detoxify and oxygenate her body.

Two decades later, she is still in great health and as a raw food chef, naturopath, holistic health practitioner, herbalist, advanced raw food nutritionist and detoxification specialist, sharing her expertise with others at Rockwall Complete Healing and Wellness. She realized early on that she needed to step up and help people. “I want people to know that there are options. Even if you do chemotherapy and radiation, individuals have to understand that it is the immune system that heals the body, not the treat

ment,” says Robinson, “No matter the treatment you choose, one must still look at their diet, lifestyle and emotions.”

Services at her office include thermography, colonics, lymphatic massage, detox body wraps, ozone sauna, infrared sauna, one-on-one consultations, raw food classes, herbal medicine and monthly educational lectures. She has created an environment where people can feel safe and comfortable to be themselves. There is no clock in the spa, only a time capsule with sand, which helps patients relax. “When it comes to colonics, if you are not relaxed, the colon will not flow.” explains Robinson. She also notes that herbal and energy medicine have been used for thousands of years; “Even in the Bible, it was said that God gave herbs to service man.”

Robinson wants to empower people to understand, “Cancer is not a death sentence; instead, it is an opportunity to put on the detective hat to investigate and see what’s going on.” she relates. “The body is designed to heal itself, and if it’s not healing, we must look at the whole to understand what the body needs and fix it.”

Rockwall Complete Healing and Wellness is located at 2455 Ridge Rd. Ste. 151, in Rockwall. For more information, call 972-771-8900 or visit


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