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The North Texas region of 6.5 million people is not attaining its goals in meeting federal clean air act standards, but the cumulative effect of citizens making clean air choices can protect public health and welfare, improve the quality of life and preserve economic vitality in the region.


On Clean Air Action Day, June 27, Texanswill make conscious efforts to make that difference and set the tone for the future. Whether we change the waywe get to work, adjust ourentertainment plans or just stay at home, there is something everyone can do to do to reduce our ozone-causing pollution.


  • Carpool or vanpool
  • Use mass transit (
  • Bike or walk
  • Telecommute from home
  • Take lunch to work
  • Maintain consistent driving speed
  • Avoid idling in traffic
  • Combine trips or drive less
  • Report polluting vehicles (#SMOKE)
  • Maintain vehicles properly
  • Use an electric lawnmower
  • Use fluorescent light bulbs
  • Make green home improvements
  • Choose a alternate fuel vehicle
  • Try biofuel in the car
  • Patronize hybrid taxicabs
  • Buy local
  • Spread the word

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