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Spiral Diner Now Serving Vegan Cocktails in Dallas

Spiral Diner& Bakery has been popular among Dallasites with its all-vegan menu since it opened in the Oak Cliff neighborhood in 2008. Now diners can imbibe vegan libations with their meals, as well. “It’s something we wanted to do since we opened,” says owner Sara Tomerlin. The Fort Worth Spiral Diner had already been serving vegan drinks when Tomerlin opened the Dallas location, but the location was “dry”.

 A 2010 city election turned the neighborhood “wet” and allowed Spiral Diner to apply for an alcohol license, a process that took several months. They were too close to a school, so it took a visit to the principal, several trips to Dallas City Hall and a chat with the local city councilman to get things squared away. The license was secured in 2013 and Spiral Diner started selling beer and wine in February, to the delight of their customers with reassurance that all their beverages are 100 percent vegan. “A lot of beers are not vegan,” saysTomerlin. “They use fish or animal fat to clarify the beer.”

 According to, an online vegan alcohol guide, dairy, honey and even chicken can be used in the process of making some brews. Other animal ingredients may be used when filtering the drinks prior to bottling. “Companies can use things like isinglass (from fish bladder), gelatin, egg whites and sea shells, among other things,” notes the website. These products grab onto the impurities and make it easier to catch them in the filters, although there are many animal-free alternatives in use. Tomerlinsaysse thoroughly researches all of their beers to make sure they are free of animal products.

 With an emphasis on Texas beers, Spiral Diner offers craft beersfrom Saint Arnold, in Houston, and  Rahr& Sons Brewing Company, in Fort Worth. Their wines are also well-researched to be 100 percent vegan, as well. “All of our wines are out of the Oregon and Washington region,” saysTomerlin.

Location: 1101 N. Beckley Ave. For more information, call 214-948-4747 or visit

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