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Buying a green, sustainable car or truck is a big decision toward seeking alternatives to environmentally destructive fossil fuels. For North Texans, vehicle Incentives from a variety of sources make the choice a little easier on the household budget.

There are federal tax credits of up to $7,500 for Plug-In Electric Drive Motor Vehicles; Texas Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Purchase or Lease Incentive Program rebates up to $2,500; Texas AirCheckTX Drive a Clean Machine Program vouchers of up to $3,500; and Oncor and Nissan LEAF incentives of $3,000, for a total possible savings of up to $16,500.

A plug-in electric drive motor vehicle tax credit is available for the purchase of a new qualified plug-in electric vehicle, based on each vehicle’s traction battery capacity and gross vehicle weight rating.

Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Purchase or Lease Incentive Program is administered through the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality, with rebates for new, light-duty vehicles powered by compressed natural gas or propane and electric drive or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

The AirCheckTexas Drive a Clean Machine Program is administered in the North Texas area by the North Central Texas Council of Governments. It’s program provides vouchers towards the purchase of a hybrid electric, battery electric or natural gas vehicle up to three model years old.

Oncor customers can also receive an extra $3,000 off of a new Nissan LEAF through a special limited-time offer available from Oncor and Nissan. Both residential and commercial customers can receive this incentive.

Tesla is partnering with businesses that serve customers that own a Tesla by subsidizing the cost of free Tesla charging stations and some universal charging stations to certain workplaces and other eligible locations, as well as employers with employees that currently own or are interested in owning a Tesla.

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