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Many have heard and practiced the Law of Attraction due to the widely accepted material from the film The Secret. However, when Mr. or Miss right hasn’t materialized, we may feel there’s part of this secret they’ve kept to themselves. Because everything is energy in the laws of physics, this also applies to the energy of love. What we ask for has to align, or vibrate, matching the energy we put forth in our thoughts, words and actions. The unconscious becomes conscious fueled by energy.

As spiritual beings, we are love. We may say, “Well, if I am what I seek, then it should be easy.” However, there needs to be balance, which exists only when we are lovable, or “love-abled”, with the ability to give love and allow its energy to flow back to us.

The part of the secret that we’ve been missing is harmony in attracting love. The key is to radiate love, be loving and lovable. Become that which we are—the energy of love. Once our energy resonates true, all of Heaven and Earth will fulfill its promise. “Ask, and it shall be given you” (Matthew 7:7). It is a most beautifully, powerful, proven, scientific and spiritual law, all vibrating in harmony to bring us the love we deserve.

Dr. Kat Smith, DHS, ACS, is a writer and speaker who provides private consultations to couples and individuals. For more information, visit



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