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Paul Quinn College, in Dallas, is undertaking a strategic energy initiative in partnership with GridMarket, EarthX, Environ Partners and Go Big Solar. The optimized energy procurement plan and 711 kW of distributed solar will result in substantial economic and environmental value.

As the first phase, revised energy procurement and a 30-year solar power purchase agreement will enable the college to achieve energy and sustainability targets while driving increased revenue. Six campus host buildings will each receive a full roof replacement prior to the solar installations. Infrastructure upgrades and solar installations come at no upfront cost to the college.

“Since my arrival 12 years ago, helping Paul Quinn College and the Highland Hills community embrace sustainability has been one of the focal points of my presidency,” states president Michael Sorrell. “Bringing that commitment to life beyond our organic farm has represented the same challenges for the college that are faced by under-resourced communities all over the world. That is, making sustainability affordable and accessible. Today, we take the first step in addressing that problem.”

David M. Cox, Go Big Solar CEO and founder, says, “Renewable energy initiatives allow private, nonprofit colleges like Paul Quinn to become energy independent.”

GridMarket CEO Nick Davis says, “This project is a testament to the power of meaningful partnerships when executing energy and infrastructure projects. When the visions of forward-thinking energy consumers like Paul Quinn and are catalyzed through collaboration and innovative tools, we are empowered to achieve a low-carbon future. All stakeholders came together to identify and execute a solution that represents the best interests of the college.”


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