The weight-loss industry is a multi-billion-dollar business, and overweight is a source of many disease processes that cost our nation and people both economically and  as quality of life. There are constantly new products and trends on the market; what they have in common is that they exist outside of us.

The secret to having the body we want is on the inside, waiting patiently for activation. But first, and most importantly, we must be certain about what we really want. It is only then that we can ask for it. There is an inner genie that exists for one purpose—to serve our needs. It is waiting to hear our requests and wants to grant our wishes. We can just stop, relax and activate our creative imagination by visualizing what we want.
This is called “imadulation”, or using our imagination intentionally to create the life we desire. If we have tried to get what we want but not achieved the result we desired, we must change the way we see ourselves on the inside and back it up with action.
If we promise to imadulate, rub our inner genie and listen to our inner guidance every day, we will surely see positive results.
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