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The garden doesn’t take a vacation in winter; there is still plenty to keep us busy.

Relocate and/or prune trees and shrubs

Plant cool season annuals such as pansies, dianthus and ornamental kale. Continue fertilizing annuals regularly.

Plant spring-blooming bulbs such as tulips, daffodils and hyacinths at a depth of three times the bulb’s circumference.

Mulch new plantings to retain moisture, suppress weeds and insulate roots against cold temperatures.

Cool season grass seed can be spread if warm temperatures are expected. Don’t forget to fertilize overseeded turf once established. Rye grass is an easy-to-maintain groundcover that retains soil moisture and helps reduce soil erosion.

Keep a frost cloth handy to cover any tender annuals, perennials or new plantings. Buy it early before local retailers sell out.


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