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  1. Feed the Bones: Studies show that proper nutrition and supplementation can slow adult bone loss to .5 to 1 percent per year. Calcium (food-based is best,) adequate vitamin D levels, protein, magnesium and boron are a few of the biggies needed for proper bone health.
  1. Rest Up: Both sleep deprivation and poor quality of sleep have been linked to accelerated bone loss and osteoporosis. Aim for at least seven hours of good quality sleep per night.
  1. Relax: Meditate, take a walk, strike a yoga pose. Do whatever reduces stress levels. Chronic stress raises cortisol levels, which in turn disrupt bone formation.
  1. Hit it: Impact and compression stimulates bone growth. The greater the load, the better the effect. For youth, high-impact sports such as gymnastics, basketball and volleyball are great for increasing bone density. For mature adults, impact emulation through osteogenic loading has been clinically proven to be both safe and effective for increasing bone density.
  1. Dump the Meds: Limit use of protein pump inhibitors (PPI) and oral steroids. Acid reflux meds like Nexium and Prilosec are hostile to bone, as are corticosteroids. Whenever possible, find natural methods for addressing inflammation and heartburn.


Deb McFarland is the owner of OsteoStrong of Carrollton, a health and wellness clinic specializing in musculoskeletal strengthening, located at 3730 N. Josey Lane, Ste. 100. She is also an American Bone Health peer educator. For more appointments, call 469-301-6050. For more information, visit



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