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Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) remains committed to maintaining their full schedule of services for North Texas riders that rely on buses and trains to get to jobs, grocery stores and medical appointments. This includes the many transit dependent first responders, such as doctors, nurses, medical staff, police and fire fighters that are playing such an important role during the ongoing pandemic.


DART encourages passengers to make social distancing part of their daily routine and reminds those that feel sick to stay home. If DART passengers see an unhygienic surface that needs attention, they can call 214-979-1111 or use the free DART Say Something app,


Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is thought to be transmitted predominantly by droplets emitted from the mouths and noses of infected people when they cough or sneeze. One of the most effective ways to stop the spread of coronavirus is to drastically reduce interactions with other people.


DART is asking all our customers to maintain a six-foot distance between fellow riders and a DART operator whenever possible; leave an open seat between themselves and other riders when available; avoid physical contact with others, including handshakes and hugs; and stay home and avoid public places if they feel sick or are experiencing symptoms.


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