The new Dallas Multifamily Recycling Ordinance went into effect January 1 for all multi-family properties with eight or more units so residents living in those properties are now able to recycle where they live.

The ordinance supports Dallas’s zero waste goal by requiring affected property owners to ensure that tenants and employees have access to convenient recycling and educate residents about access to valet, dual stream or single stream recycling services with a minimum of one pickup per week. 

Quick Tips:

  • Items should be placed in recycling receptacle without being bagged.

  • A quick rinse will do. Don’t need to spend a lot of time or water washing out containers.

  • Pizza boxes are recyclable, but remove the side with the excess cheese.

  • To order a recycle cart, call 311.

  • When in doubt, keep it out.

When non-recyclables are mixed into the recycling bins, it can turn the whole container from recyclables to trash.

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