The Dallas Cowboys are leading the way in disposables and sustainability practices at AT&T Stadium. In 2019, it initiated limiting straws in beverage service. In 2020, straws will be completely eliminated from beverage service in general concessions, where the majority of disposables are eco-friendly and biodegradable. AT&T Stadium also has a permanent, venue-wide recycling program.

The stadium was built using recycled materials, water-efficient plumbing fixtures and energy-efficient systems and lighting. The stadium’s 18 custom escalators use variable frequency drives that are 50 percent more energy-efficient and can send energy back into the stadium’s power grid.

Legends at AT&T Stadium closely monitors food sales to minimize waste, tracking fan purchasing habits based on the time of the game, the time of year, the weather and the visiting team. The timing of a football game—whether it is at noon, 3 p.m., or 7 p.m., determines the quantity of food. Partnerships with local charities make sure that any and all remaining food is donated to serve community needs and not put in landfills or wasted.

An ORCA system ( processes and converts food waste into greywater that is safely discharged into the municipal wastewater system, diverting approximately 85,000 pounds annually of food waste from landfills and reducing methane gas production.

AT&T Stadium sources thousands of pounds of organic produce annually from the Paul Quinn College WE Over Me Farm, and reviews all farms for responsible and humane practices. At least five concessions carts at every event are devoted to certified USDA organic and healthier items. Vegan and vegetarian items are featured throughout the building.

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