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Groundwork Dallas usually hosts about 15 Green Team youth volunteers on Saturday to improve the environment in local parks and green spaces by picking up plastic bottles, bags and other litter from the forest to leave it better than they found it.


With social distance protocols in place, nothing is typical and we are all looking for some sense of normalcy. Groundwork Dallas values the young people in their programs and knows they benefit from the time they spend outdoors learning conservation and stewardship practices.


In order to keep these efforts alive, Green Team Go Remote provides a way to continue environmental learning and engagement while staying safe. With the new Conservation Learning and Engagement program, Green Team members can earn prizes while actively participating in the fundamental principles of environmental stewardship.


Activities range from online trainings and webinars to developing project outlines that can be used in the future. Participants choose their activities, and each has an assigned point value. Teens complete fun activities on their own at home, upload projects or photos through an online portal and earn points to redeem for rewards.


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