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Yoga Brings Manifold Blessings

 by Lisa Ware

 Yoga is one of the oldest forms of movement. The connection between the ancient yogis and Western yoga practitioners today are still evident,albeit subtle. Yoga is comprised of linking together poses, the body’s energy and the breath. We can begin a yoga practice matter how inflexible we are right now, no matter our age or our personal history. Yoga is known to decrease stress levels, knots, tension and cortisol levels dramatically by increasing release of anti-stress hormones DHEA and oxytocin.

 Some of the many benefits of yoga include learning to quiet the chatter in the mind; building bone density (weight-bearing exercise is the only sure way to do this, not weightlifting); listening to and becoming in tune with our body; creating a place for ‘me time’ on our yoga mat; building strength, core power; agility and grace; increasing physical endurance; bringing a greater awareness of the interconnection of ourself and nature; increasing flexibility; increasing our daily energy level; increasing our libido; developing healthy lifestyle habits; surrounding ourself with people that lift us up; making new acquaintances and friends in class; and becoming interconnected in a worldwide movement of positive, conscious, like-minded people.

 Yoga is a practice unlike any other movement, sport or art in the world. Some people may associate yoga with a particular religion, but this is not possible for the practice as a whole, becauseone person can be vastly different in their intent. Each person brings to their mat their own belief system. Yoga is what we interpret it to be and will walk off their mat into the world with the tools and inner dialogue that suits exactly what they need that day, on the condition that they let go and are open to the possibilities of what their body, breath and mind have for them in that present moment.

 Staying in the present moment, being guided gently to push our own edge, leading into a blissful state of final relaxation is a wonderful addition to any lifestyle—this is yoga. Namaste.

 Lisa Ware is a yogini, life and nutrition coach, writer and Founder of Yoga 4 Love. For more information, visit

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