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As a food enthusiast, I strongly believe there is a recipe for everything. This includes leading a healthy and fit life, one void of yo-yo weight gain and self deprivation. Personally dealing with a compromised immune & digestive system, I have thoroughly experienced the road back to health and weight loss, both through research and application. This is why my coaching program focuses on restoring digestive function, proper detoxification and elimination, which are detrimental in providing us with our ideal weight. When I first begin to work with new clients they are completely shocked when I suggest no more calorie counting or crazy restrictions.

Instead, we focus on what is out of balance and how to bring them back to a secure state. Often we regard weight gain (or lack of weight loss) with laziness or lack of determination. However, I believe this to be entirely untrue! Could you believe for a moment that maybe your lack of being able to make it to the gym is an actual compromise your body is making because of its lack of energy reserves. Today, I would like to share with with you many aspects of weight loss that we may not have considered in the past. I will reiterate that NONE of my clients count calories, nor do they ever feel deprived of anything. More often than not, they end up eating MORE than what they had originally consumed. Below are 5 weight loss aspects that often go overlooked. I assure you that if you try even ONE, you will notice a difference.

Remove unnecessary chemicals from your home & body:  A study by Bionsen, a product company in the United Kingdom, found that the average woman applies about 515 chemicals to her body on a daily basis. This includes everything from heavy metals, fire retardants, sulfites, carcinogens and so on. This is not even including the amount of chemicals we are subjected to in our homes where we may use laundry detergent, dish soap, harsh cleaning chemicals, air fresheners and more. When we factor in these items, the number is closer to a couple thousand chemicals per day.

Your body’s ability to process these toxins is actually a huge factor when it comes to weight loss. When the organs and systems used for detoxification become so backed up, the body must deposit the toxins somewhere. Where do they go? You guessed it, your fat cells, which are actually expanded to make room for the toxins. For a literal comparison, this is like never ever taking out your trash. Where do you think all of the filth will go?

This is really a brilliant strategy by the body, because it keeps the toxins from circulating and entering the organs.The issue with this is that it becomes even more difficult to shed unwanted pounds because your body was having difficulty removing them in the first place. So my friends, think of it this way. The more fake foods you eat, the more toxins your fat cells have to feast. Often my clients work with detoxing as a preparation to their weight loss. Then they commit themselves to eating whole, organic foods to avoid saturating these cells with toxins.

If this weren’t reason enough to rethink your beauty and home products, let’s talk about what these chemicals do to your hormones. Another reason for unnecessary weight gain is imbalanced hormones. Many of these chemicals are endocrine disruptors, meaning they interrupt the signals of hormones. They bind to what is already there, telling the body that it does not need to produce more, or communicate with, the other hormones. These hormones play a vital role in weight management by regulating metabolism and ensuring our tissues stay strong and clear of toxins. When we inundate our bodies with chemicals, damage begins to occur both within the endocrine system and the adipose tissue. Not to mention, you increase your risk of poisoning when trying to lose weight, because you may release too many chemicals at once to effectively eliminate them from your body. This is why detoxing BEFORE starting a weight loss program can be highly effective. Sometimes we ignore this issue because we do not feel badly at the present moment. However, it is the accumulative effect we have to worry about. Weight gain is an indicator from our body that something internally is not right. Harsh chemicals not only lead to weight gain (or inability to lose weight) but a host of other chronic issues, including cancer. Make it a priority in your life to remove as many toxins as you can. There are MANY conscious companies out there aware of these issues that provide products that are of organic quality. Also, so many home and body products can be made in the comfort of your own home. Visit me on Instagram @missnutrish for all of my favorite DIY recipes.

Think about your food before you eat it, chew longer and eat slower: You have probably heard the saying ‘you are what you eat.’ I totally agree with this saying, but would like to take this one step further and say ‘you are what you absorb.’ Because of lack of nutrient-rich food, less time to enjoy our meals, and distractions while eating, many of us have developed an absorption issue. This can lead to acute or chronic nutrient deficiencies. Each essential mineral plays vital roles throughout the body. Knowing our mineral ratios demonstrates the efficiency of adrenal glands, thyroid, and sugar regulation which are all vital components of maintaining our ideal weight. When we possess this information about ourselves, we can create a diet & supplement program that is individualized to our specific mineral needs. Digestion begins with the thought of food. Many enzyme pathways begin to prepare for the consumption of food. I encourage you to take time to really decide what your body is needing before you just chow something down. Next, saliva in the mouth produces amylase, a vital enzyme to begin digestion. Massaging around the jaw line (close to the ears) can encourage the production of additional saliva, increasing absorption.

Get Slow to Reduce Stress:  First, I wanted to explain what is physiologically going on in the body when we are having a stressful experience, particularly in our brain and adrenals (energy powerhouses). Our amygdala is a small, almond shaped part of the prefrontal cortex of our brain that perceives stress, real or not. This is also known as the fight, flight, or freeze response. I want you to pay special attention to the fact that even when the fear may be unconscious, our amygdala is still triggered and we experience the physiological effect.


So, if our bodies perceive 100 situations in a day as being stressful, we are constantly experiencing influxes and reduction of cortisol. These stressors can be as minute as a persistent low level noise. What does this mean for you? This could result in feeling wired AND tired, having bouts of extreme energy and then severe exhaustion. You could be experiencing headaches, weight gain, and heart palpitations. The symptoms vary depending on the phase of adrenal fatigue and the hormonal storm that is occurring. Here are some symptoms associated with excess cortisol:

  • Interference of skin regeneration & healing
  • Increase in blood sugar, which can result in insulin resistance
  • Demineralization of bones leading to osteoporosis
  • Increased appetite and cravings
  • Weight gain (particularly around the middle) and visceral fat storage
  • Breaks down tissue to release fat into the bloodstream to supply nutrients
  • Inhibits protein uptake by 70% while breaking down protein to supply energy to the muscles

In my opinion, Cortisol could be considered our master hormone, for when it is out of whack everything else tends to spiral downward. It is the hormone that regulates us waking up and going to sleep and everything that happens with our energy in between. Just review the list above and see how this could affect your ability to effectively manage weight. Slowing down, taking deeper breaths, making time for relaxation are all detrimental to reducing your cortisol and bringing your body back into balance. You don’t have enough time you say? Try reducing your internet time, take time to prioritize your needs/wants, restorative practices like yoga, and turn off your cellphone when it is not in use. There are many wonderful ways to reduce your stress load so feel free to try one or all of them!

Eat for your blood type:  There are four distinct blood type groups and knowing our blood type provides greater depth into deciding what types of foods will keep us thriving and at our ideal weight. Blood type provides us with more information about our internal chemistry. Our internal chemistry affects the way particular foods are synthesized in the body, usually regarding the type of antigens that are formed by each blood type. Another factor contributing to a blood-type based diet, are the lectins (proteins found in food). Lectins are also found throughout the body and organ systems. When you consume lectins that are opposing to your blood type, they actually begin to negatively affect organs and bodily systems, including weight gain. With this information you can develop a nutrition plan, exercise and lifestyle modifications that best suit you. For instance, did you know that blood type O’s do better with more vigorous exercise than let’s say a blood type A, who actually work better with more quieting type exercises? Try eating for your blood type for even a week and take note of the results you see.


Reduce inflammation in your body:  Foods either create energy and absorption or they wreak havoc, causing dampness or unnecessary heat, such as in inflammation. This can occur in specific locations or systemically in the body. Also, foods that cause allergies in the body may contribute to inflammation. Most chronic illnesses and weight gain share the same underlying cause of chronic, silent inflammation. A major component of reducing your risk of chronic diseases and weight-induced inflammation is by consuming foods that decrease inflammation and promote balance in the body. A general rule of thumb is that the more acidic the food is, the more inflammation it may cause. Watch out for high allergen foods like corn, wheat, sugar and soy as they will contribute to inflammation and weight gain, particularly in the mid-section. Fish, turmeric, fruits low in sugar, vegetables (especially greens), healthy fats and moderate amounts of whole grains are all part of an anti-inflammatory diet.

Thank you for reading about these often overlooked components in losing weight. All of my clients and I enjoy a variety of alive foods and NEVER feel deprived. It is vital that we become more conscious of the daily decisions we make that affect weight gain. As you have read, it is not always what you are putting to your lips. You are not weak-willed or lazy, you just might be toxic and inflamed. Cheers to you and your progress towards a healthy, thriving life, one that includes your sexy body as your temple.


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