Welcome to June My Nutrish'ous Friends!

Ultimately, there is nothing that separates us, yet everything we let. No wait, there is a force that separates us; our fear-based ego. Not our insecurities, accomplishments or misfortunes, because ultimately we all have the same deep seeded desires. We layer these desires with fear, anger and hurt, like winter clothing. We hope that those around us won't acknowledge what each layer represents. We cover the fear of being abandoned with our fear of being seen, then top it of with anger towards those who have more than us. And there we stand, with our suit of separation.


At a very superficial level, we truly believe this suit to be one of protection. It's purpose is to keep those out who may inflict more of which we are already wearing. Yet underneath the heavy layers lay what we have been hiding; the beauty of our precious soul. We protect it like we would a small child, because intuitively we know the preciousness of this gift. There lies great trouble in this mentality; it keeps our likeness on lock down and offers only our rejections to be viewed.


This has been me. The life I have lived, one of fear wardrobes with my light and love carefully covered. Deep down I've always been aware of my heart's need for expression. Sometimes it would well up so much that I would lose control, totally missing the opportunity to express love because I had barracked my heart for safety. This led me to experience so many missed opportunities, fear-induced freak outs and what-ifs. I say NO MORE!! I am sick and tired of being led by my ego while suppressing my soul's desire for expression.


When we are led by our ego, our reality can be very skewed from the actual truth. At the time, you are not quite conscious of how your decisions are being based from your ego. This is why mindfulness, in every area of life, is detrimental to living a life of our own design.

That is what I want for myself. To live a life of freedom and of my dreams. Not one that is of circumstance. I was born into family like this, therefore I AM like this. No way! That is not how my reality is going to work. So my friends, I have decided to bare it all. To release my fears and shed my ego's clothing and bare more of my true nature; which is NOT always put together. In fact, I am quite the beautiful mess; always dropping, spilling things and laughing louder than quite appropriate. FINALLY, I am coming to terms with the calls of my soul and the duality of myself.


You see, when we chastise ourselves for 'shortcomings,' we are actually denying a part of ourselves. What I have come to learn is that for every dark quality we possess, there is an equal, opposite strength that accompanies it. So if we want to evolve ourselves then we must shed light on these dark qualities so that they can guide us in our growth, rather than hinder it.


Which is why for my birthday month, I will be celebrating authenticity and sharing with all of you more about the lady behind Nutrish'N on a Mission.  Including, things you didn't know about me, my personal favorites, and much more! :) I LOVE birthdays and I think we should all take the time to celebrate our birth during our special time. In celebrating authenticity, I encourage all of YOU to ask me anything you want regarding living a more conscious life. Do you have something you are struggling with? Would you like to know more about how I have, and continue to, overcome the victim mentality? Email to pose your questions or leave them on the blog. I look forward to hearing from all of you, and sharing, with heart-filled awareness, my experience of leading a conscious lifestyle.



My Top 5 Healthy Foods I Just Can't Live Without



Berries - Offering a variety in flavor and nutrients. I love to add these to my smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, infused waters, or just all by themselves on a hot day! I like to rotate between blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, and cherries depending on what's in season. Read more about some of their health benefits in this post


Avocados - Full of healthy fats, I love to eat these alone, in raw desserts, with gluten-free toast, on salads, wraps, and of course with some yummy organic tortilla chips as guacamole. I also use them in hair and face masks, which is another reason why I love them, for their versatility! Dr. Mercola is one of my favorite doctors to follow for nutritional advice. Hear more about the health benefits in his article here. 


Hemp Seeds:  These nutty little seeds are a great addition to my smoothies, salads, and on top of my eggs at breakfast. It contains many essential vitamins and minerals. It is known as a super food, because of the plethora of benefits we receive from eating these tasty seeds. Natural weight loss, reduced cholesterol and increased energy are only a few of the benefits of adding hemp seeds to your diet. Learn more about their healing benefits in this article. 


Beans - Yummy to my tummy! They contain tons of healthy protein, good carbohydrates, and are low in fat. I love every type from black beans to lentils. Again, versatility is key for me, as I know everyone (including myself) are always looking for ways to save $$. There are a variety of mineral and nutrient choices, making them a fabulous addition to most diets. To be enjoyed in dips, soups, as sides and even in some desserts! Read more about benefits of beans here. 


Coconuts - My all time favorite food, probably because of the versatility and comfort it brings me! I am all about effectiveness, so when you can have ONE item that hosts a variety of benefits, it quickly becomes a Miss Nutrish favorite!

:) EVERYTHING about this nut can be enjoyed. The nectar can be made into a sugar, flour, water, oil, and the list goes on. It can be used in cooking, baking, raw desserts, topically, therapeutically, medicinally, as a carrier oil for other essential oils. As I stated...VERSATILE! If anyone knows me, they would know I would almost legally change my name to Ms. Coconut...yea I like them THAT much.

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