BubbleLife Park Cities and EatGreenDFW are proud to announce Texas Daily Harvest into the our neighborhood network.  If you are interested in Delivery of Fresh Organic Milk, Dairy products, Meat, Eggs and Produce, Texas Daily Harvest is your resource. Click Here to Order for Delivery

Texas Daily Harvest is Texas’s only certified organic cheese and raw milk dairy.    In Texas it is only legal to sell raw milk directly to the consumer at the farm.  For those that don’t want to drive, they have milk that is low temperature pasteurized, for delivery.  To understand the process of pasteurization and comparisons to other methods, click here 

Because milk is the most important product at Texas Daily Harvest, they produce only high quality milk from healthy Jersey Cows (remember Elsie? - I have learned that Jersey Cows are the top standard in cows) that eat primarily grass.  The milk is certified organic and meets strict quality and health standards.

Kent and Ramy Jisha, owners of Texas Daily Harvest, are firm believers in the organic movement.  Kent has been in the dairy business for over 18 years and their entire 1000 acres farm has been certified organic.  They also strive to utilize sustainable practices and produce food that is of high quality.

We plan to try it in our own home, you should too!  To learn more visit their website at

Saffie Leedy Farris

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