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The Connected Communities of West Jefferson and West Davis

Natural Awakenings DFW Edition and are partnering in a new series called Green Neighborhoods. Over the coming months, we will be exploring the eco-friendly neighborhoods in North Texas with Green Source DFW reporter Amy Martin as our guide. She will reveal readers those communities where green retail, green venues and green folks intersect. If there’s a green neighborhood we should know about, email

The northern part of Oak Cliff is a tale of two boulevards. Undulating from east to west is West Jefferson Boulevard, a half-mile of solid retail and restaurants that is the thriving heart of Hispanic culture. Yet the hipster love of history has drawn some development to the strip, saving significant structures and rejuvenating its art scene. A couple of million dollars in bond funds is being poured into new sidewalks, crosswalks, lighting and landscaping starting this summer.

Straight as an arrow about 10 blocks to the north, West Davis heads out from Bishop Arts as TX 180, the pre I-30 highway to Fort Worth. The historic stretch west of McAdams/Woodlawn  sometimes called KingsX for a cross street, pitches a perfect balance of hipster and Hispanic with a strong sense of community.

A Natural Foodie Paradise

Oak Cliff has been an engine for the North Texas organic, locavore, farm to table movement, turning out imaginative fare with a genuine love for the farmer. Nobody does it better than Bolsa ( on West Davis. Dine and drink in the paragon of hipness, use the easy takeaway service or get the ingredients to make a meal down the street at Bolsa Mercado.

Eat relatively healthy and for sure, creatively, at Nova (, and enjoy veggies galore with a fair amount of butter at chic southern Pink Magnolia ( Get soups, stews and grilled fish on with a tropical flair at Little Havana, and bbbop Seoul Kitchen ( crafts Korean fare with local ingredients. Wrap up the dining experience with a delight from CocoAndre Chocolatier ( All are located along the West Davis strip.

Amid the plentiful authentic Tex-Mex dining on West Jefferson is the fresh, imaginative Mexican food with a coastal sensibility of Mesa ( Small Brewpub ( dishes out craft beers and gastropub fare. Go a few blocks over to 12th Street for the seafood, salads and seriously great guacamole of La Calle Doce (

Cheese and Chutney ( on West Davis bridges fine European cheeses and Indian chutneys, along with a host of tasty local food offerings. Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters ( personally connects with their coffee bean farmers, ensuring good eco and social practices. Grow your food from scratch with some help from Community Gardens of Oak Cliff (

A Hotbed of Holistic Healing

When rents rose in Bishop Arts, most health professionals moved a few blocks west, where their community-oriented focus blends right in. Now there is at least one practitioner of most modalities.

A Holistic Way ( brings in expertise in nutrition and herbalism. Quantum Holistic Health Center ( uses nutritional evaluation and quantitative EEG to diagnose health issues, especially neurological, biofeedback, neurofeedback and hyperbaric oxygen to treat them.

Partners in Wellness ( offers s spectrum of modalities including therapies for the body (massage, Bowenwork, reiki) and mind (guided meditation, hypnosis), plus a busy yoga schedule. Hispanic culture has long been open to holistic practices. The zippy Clinica Alternativa Naturista ( is located in a funky brick office building, bridges communities.

Oak Cliff is full of interesting chiropractors, but none more so than Dr. B at Growth Life Chiropractic ( in a small, historic building that shines with personality. But what’s not to like about a place called Urban Hippie Chiropractic (, which serves as a community focal point for compassion.

Love of the creative force imbues the West Davis community. Jessica Tartaro ( provides services and counseling as an orgasmic intimacy coach. Our Birthing Home ( shepherds a baby from prenatal through birthing and to infancy, plus chiropractic services (even for women not pregnant) and prenatal yoga classes.

Though classes occur at many places around West Davis, Dirt Cheap Yoga ( and OmBalance ( hold down the yoga scene with vigorous schedules and frequent workshops. Dirt Cheap moved from East Dallas to Oak Cliff and found its song. OmBalance is also a center for birthing.


Exploring the Human Condition Through Entertainment

Both West Jefferson and West Davis boast entertainment institutions that move humanity forward with thought-provoking offerings. The Texas Theater, known for its role in the JFK assassination aftermath, turned a dilapidated historic movie theater on West Jefferson into a beloved indie cinema and performance showcase.

Another historical cinema threatened by the wrecking ball, the Kessler Theater ( is the vibrant beating heart of West Davis. Concerts by artists from local to national run the entire musical spectrum. Sincere respect for the performer promulgated by artistic director Jeffrey Liles keeps the attitude fun, but sans hecklers and drunks.

Vinyl recordings thrive in Oak Cliff (of course) at Spinster Records (, but so do local shows and deep audiophile talks. Wordspace ( is equally obsessed about modern literature, presenting poetry slams, storytelling, author readings and talks by Dan Savage, Fran Leibowitz, and more.

Bishop Arts Theatre Center ( isn’t afraid to take on the big topics of being human in a hard urban world with theater and talks, but spices it up with jazz concerts. Keep an eye out for Arts Mission Oak Cliff (, moving into an old Winnetka Heights church off West Jefferson and promising to present collaborative performance arts.

A Creative and Caring Community

It takes nurturing to create life-affirming communities like West Jefferson and West Davis. Right in the middle of West Jefferson retail, Oak Cliff Cultural Center ( offers profound art exhibits and provocative performance to explore Oak Cliff’s diverse character, while being an undeniably fun place.

Not far away is Piece 24 (, a 17-foot-tall totem sculpture from the 29 Pieces peace-through-art project. The yellow hand with an embedded eye was created with help from area high schoolers and emblazoned with their sentiment: “My hands respect the things you have made.”

Better Block ( works with nonprofits, schools and others to expand their skills and knowledge base to create urban communities that raise everyone up. The Oak Cliff Foundation ( works to ensure that the area’s history blends peacefully with development.

Saint Cecilia Catholic Church ( remains the spiritual heart of West Davis, with its love of justice, music and children. Twelve Hills Nature Center ( is its natural center, providing a respite from the area’s busyness with five acres of prairie and woods.

Keeping everyone connected in Bike-Friendly Oak Cliff (, working for streets friendly to bicycles and pedestrians, as well as cars.

Art, Retail and Celebrating Humanity

The human capacity for creativity is the anthem of Oak Cliff. N place, in Dallas, proclaims it more. Oil and Cotton ( offers an astounding array of art classes, but excels with offerings for children.

With its love of history and embrace of modern science, The Book Doctor ( is thoroughly OC, restoring keepsake books and exalting historic tomes. Equally exacting and creative is Tom Battles Custom Picture Framing (, an Oak Cliff institution. Many of the area’s rehabilitated buildings owe their sleek looks to Gary Bucker (, located in the 1920s-era Dixie Wax Paper Company building.

Two retail enterprises in the West Davis area capture its ethos. Rose Garden ReMake ( presents a variety of local artists and designers ranging from attire to home décor, taking the recycle/reuse/repurpose mandate to impeccable levels. Get swept away by the Caribbean vibe and peace-love-smoke philosophy of Roots and Culture (


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The fifth Holistic Festival of Life will be held June 25 at the Plano Center for those seeking spiritual, health, mental clarity and physical well-being. The unique expo features highly skilled teachers and practitioners Pranic Healing, Vedic chanting, ayurveda, yoga, meditation, chakra balancing, intuitive guidance, herbal nutrition, skin care, aromatherapy, reiki, feng shui, astrology, psychic readings, tarot, tantric healing, vastu shastra, massage therapy and more. Attendees will also meet specialists licensed in Western medicine with a focus on holistic living with specialties in family health, fertility medicine and other wellness services.

The Holistic Festival of Life also features inspiring and entertaining dance and music performances featuring acclaimed musicians, dance troupes and bands.  As well, the festival will be a celebration of International Yoga day, with  free yoga classes, medication sessions and seminars by local and national experts.

Admission and parking are free. Location: 2000 Spring Creek Pkwy., Plano. Reservations for vendor booths are still available. For more information, Jennifer Rae at 469-401-4777 or call Vijay Warman at 972-750-1419 and visit


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On June 23, Clean Air Action Day, individuals have the opportunity to commit to clean air actions and share how they will lend a hand with our community. As the temperature rises, air quality generally worsens during “ozone season”, so it is important for residents to do their part to lessen emissions in the spring and summer.

They can choose to use the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), Fort Worth Transportation Authority or Denton County Transportation Authority; carpool or vanpool; limit or avoid idling; bicycle or walk instead of driving; and report smoking vehicles. Air North Texas encourages individuals, businesses and governments to make clean air choices by promoting behavioral and lifestyle changes that impact their health and the environment.

For more information and to share how you celebrate Clean Air Action Day, visit at



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Metroplex Practitioners Cite Best Practices

Pain is a fact of life; it’s an evolutionary trait. Without it, the caveman might not have pulled his hand from the fire. Pain prohibits us from walking on a broken leg until the body heals. These facts are self-evident; but the pain coming from inside our body may not be so straightforward. It is speaking to us in a loud voice that cannot be ignored, but the language is sometimes unclear and all we can do is try to silence it. Here we present a panoply of resources available in the Metroplex.


“For those with a herniated disk and it has not eroded much yet or have a stiff low back, walking backwards on a treadmill can make a world of difference. It tilts the pelvis differently so as to  make space in the spine for the disk to go back into place, if possible. It also helps the cerebrospinal fluid flow more efficiently and relieves the hamstrings, which are pulling down on the pelvis and consequently the sacrum, causing a pull in the small of the back because we are using a toe strike with our stride instead of a heel strike. This engages the opposite muscles (quads) than those that are too tight and contracted (hams). Set the speed and the incline on about a 2.0 and gently (not tightly) rest both hands on the side rails for balance only.”

Brenda Briscoe, LMT, Bowen practitioner at Living Well Health & Wellness, 14330 Midway Rd, Ste 121, Dallas, 972-930-0260.


“Chronic pain is the number one reason patients come to our clinic. In Eastern medicine, pain comes for two main reasons. First, from an injury (like a fall), I recommend this patient to use heat, rest and consider acupuncture. Instead of taking an over-the-counter pill with potential side effects, I recommend a homeopathic remedy called arnica and a supplement called boswella. If a patient has chronic, long-term pain, we always focus on the underlying problem. For example, if a patient has arthritis (inflammation in the joints) I always focus on the root cause. Diet must be addressed. For example, if the patient’s pain gets worse with rainy, damp days, they must stop consuming any dairy products which can cause more inflammation. They should also avoid refined sugars, alcohol and spicy foods, and consider eating an alkaline diet as part of their treatment.”

Dr. Carlos Chapa, LAc, Eastern medical doctor, ND, at Acupuncture and Integrative Medical Center, 18601 E. Valley Ranch Pkwy., Ste. 1000, Irving. 972-444-0660.


 “It appears that the presence of testosterone seems to elevate the tolerance of pain. Ozone (O3) gas was discovered in the mid-29th century and was used for wound treatment in World War I. It consists of three atoms of oxygen in a dynamically unstable structure, and researchers believe it has many therapeutic effects. Ozone therapy has been used and heavily studied for more than a century and has been proven safe and effective with minimal and preventable side effects. Ozone has antibacterial, antiviral and fungicidal effects when is it mixed with medical-grade oxygen in a carefully controlled environment. It activates the antioxidant systems, causing the release of cytokines and other immune-stimulating factors that lead to healing. Benefits of ozone therapy include pain relief; healing chronic infections, painful ligaments and joints; treating intervertebral disc protrusions and herniations non-surgically; and stimulating the body's own healing mechanisms.”

Julie Clowers, ND, MSN, RNC, CCT, Monica Jaynes, ND, MSN, RNC, CCT, Living Springs Natural Health, PLLC, 6700 Horizon Rd., Ste. 100, Rockwall. 972-732-4668.


“Addison Pain Management is multidisciplinary treatment facility in North Dallas for more than 15 years with a focus on locating the source of a patient’s pain before implementing a comprehensive treatment plan. A holistic approach and individualized patient care is provided through conventional, alternative and natural therapies by way of traditional pain management with chiropractic treatment to provide pain relief. Treatment options on the cutting edge of health care are available to interrupt or end the pain process, including regenerative medicine, which allows the body to use its own self-healing mechanisms to repair in a natural way. Remedies such as platelet-rich plasma, stem cell therapy, amniotic membrane and tissue grafting are used to treat conditions such as tendonitis, rotator cuff injuries, osteoarthritis, spine conditions and inflammation. Treatment spans from acute to chronic pain covering most areas of the body. Through a unique ‘pain mapping’ model, patients have access to a progressive, co-integrated treatment.”

Dr. Johnny East, DO, Addison Pain Management, 16633 Dallas Pkwy., Ste. 150, Addison, 972-380-0000.


“A common, yet little known, cause of pain could be the fascia; that is, the covering of all the muscles in the body under the skin. When the fascia sticks together, it forms a knot, or trigger point. As that knot forms, it can create massive amounts of pressure, up to 2,000 pounds per square inch, which could cause pain at a pin point site and/or surrounding muscle area. My approach for this type of pain condition is a myofascial release massage (MFR). This is a technique done by hand to apply a constant and controlled pressure to these points on the body that will help release the knots and most of the time, other related pain. There are many studies that show the benefits of MFR for injuries, including neck, low back, sciatica, fibromyalgia, strains/sprains and many other related issues.”

Steven Kloster, DC, FDM certified, Webster's Technique certified, KC Core Medical City Dallas, 7777 Forest Ln C-534, Dallas, 972-566-3355.


“Drug-free, natural, pain relief that is gentle and easy is the most desired method, if possible. In early 2005, Jerry Tennant, M.D., after in-depth research, found a way to do just this using microcurrent technology with a precision medical instrument that engages the body’s natural resources to assist the process of pain management and rehabilitation. Stimulating the body at the cellular level and restoring cellular metabolic activity, reduction of pain and inflammation can result with this therapy very quickly. The Tennant Biomodulator uses biofeedback and neuromodulation to stimulate the body’s natural release of nitric oxide, endorphins and neuropeptides into the bloodstream and increases voltage in cells. When the cells are restored to their optimal level of energy, the body can heal itself. It gently whispers at the body to solicit a healing response. The Biomodulator may be used as complement to standard drug and therapy treatments by healthcare practitioners or by individuals for self-care.”

Jerry Tennant M.D. M.D.(H), Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine,  35 Veranda Ln., Ste. 100, Colleyville, 972-580-1156.


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Whether it’s upping our recycling efforts, switching to paperless billing statements or bringing reusable bags to the grocery store, improving our environmental impact can be inspiring. Vehicles contributing to pollution, but a study by researchers at the University of Toronto found that only 25 percent of cars and trucks are causing about 90 percent of the problem, due to factors such as poor maintenance and inefficient driving habits. Here are some eco-friendly driving tips to put into practice year-round for a cleaner, greener planet.

Watch the extra weight: While there are some things to keep in trunk such as an emergency kit, clear out any unnecessary items. Toting around an extra 100 pounds can reduce fuel efficiency. Think about the outside of the car, too. Roof racks increase wind resistance and decrease fuel efficiency by 6 to 27 percent; use a rear-mounted cargo box instead, for a 1 to 5 percent dip.

Don’t idle: Idling uses more fuel than restarting the car does, gives off 80 percent more pollution than when the car is moving and can even come with a fine in some areas. If staying put for a minute or more, turn off the engine.

Observe ozone alert days: Air quality alert days occur when ozone becomes concentrated near the ground, making it difficult to breathe. Emissions from cars can make this worse. On these days in particular, refuel in the evening and avoid gasoline spillage. High temperatures and low wind can quickly convert vapors into ozone pollutants. Faulty or missing gas caps can be the source of gasoline vapors, as well. Make sure the gas cap fits properly and is on all the way.

Keep speed steady within the speed limit: Once reaching more than 50 miles per hour, a car loses fuel efficiency the faster we go. It’s best to drive the speed limit and avoid accelerating quickly. Don’t ride the brakes and use cruise control if possible.

Recycle auto parts: Make sure to either recycle or properly dispose of vehicle-related items like motor oil, oil filters, tires, batteries and fluids when maintaining or repairing the vehicle. There may be ordinances or laws regarding proper disposal of these items. When it comes to recycling, tires can find a second life as synthetic turf, playground surfaces or road embankments, for example.

Keep the car in top shape mechanically: Make sure tires are inflated to their recommended pressure. When they’re underinflated, fuel consumption may increase by as much as 3 percent and are more likely to blow out and potentially cause an accident.

When we follow the maintenance schedule recommended by the dealership, a vehicle will be more fuel-efficient and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Schedule regular tune-ups to replace air filters, motor oil, tire rotations and more.


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The Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center at Baylor University Medical Center, a part of Baylor Scott & White Health has launched a new call-in telephone support group for women with gynecological cancer that meets from 1 to 2 p.m. on the first and third Wednesday of each month.

The group will be facilitated by a chaplain and a nurse, enabling women to call from their home or during a lunch break to receive encouragement, support and information. Those living in small communities away from group support will thus be able to share with other women on the same journey.

For more information, call Chaplain Sherry Shanks at 214-820-2335, email or call the Virginia R. Cvetko Patient Education and Support Center at 214-820-2608.


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Women Ambassadors Forum (WAF) will conduct its annual forum from June 6 through 10 at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. WAF works to inspire women and guide them toward achieving professional success and equality. They provide young women with a platform to improve their leadership skills, become independent members of society and seek their own economic empowerment.

Guest speakers include Shelley Zalis, CEO of the Female Quotient; Maria Cramer, VP of Hitachi Consulting; Carla Eboli, CMO of Dieste; and and former President George W. Bush.  WAF ambassadors will learn from distinguished guest speakers, all successful leaders from a wide range of backgrounds and professions. The forum will include leadership workshops to provide members with the necessary tools to become the change they want to see in their communities.

For more information visit


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by Stephen Kloster

Most pregnant women need routine chiropractic care throughout pregnancy for two reasons: to help naturally alleviate the pains and discomforts of pregnancy; and more importantly, to prepare the pelvis for labor. Mothers go through many changes as the baby is growing and developing inside of them, including the pelvis and surrounding structures are expanding.

It is important to know that if there is any imbalance in these structures, that can affect the development of the baby and its positioning coming through the birth canal. It is extremely important for expecting mothers to maintain this balance of the pelvis, muscles, tendons and ligaments throughout pregnancy, so they can best function for a safer and easier birth for both the mother and baby. Not all chiropractors are created equal when it comes to pregnancy, and it is recommend to find a chiropractor that is certified in the Webster technique.

For more information, email Dr. Stephen Kloster at


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In 2012, the Environmental Protection Agency designated 10 counties in North Central Texas as deficient in reaching for the 2008 eight-hour ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standard, but we can work together to improve the region’s air quality by making small, impactful changes in behavior.

Air North Texas, a regional campaign and partnership that seeks to improve North Texas air, offers the opportunity to participate in Clean Air Action Day on June 23 by doing at least one thing to help improve air quality. Examples of simple actions include carpooling, using public transit, biking or walking instead of driving, telecommuting or bringing our lunch to work.

People can complete a form at and then share a picture share a photo of their action on social media on June 23, using the hashtag #CAAD2017 and tagging @NCTCOGtrans for a chance to win a prize.

Stay informed about ozone levels from March through November by signing up for air pollution alerts at


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The eight annual Natural HealthFest event, from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., June 17, sponsored by the Healthy by Nature Show with host Martie Whittekin, CCN (, at the Richardson Civic Center. A live broadcast begins at 8 a.m. in the lobby and ticket sales begin at 9 a.m.

With great lectures, and top-quality exhibit booths, the theme this year is Better Memory, Mood and Energy, illuminating the crucial role of nutrition, detoxification, lifestyle and natural remedies. Natural HealthFest combines the best of nutrition, scientific breakthroughs and time-honored remedies to solve health concerns that often puzzle mainstream medicine.

Attendees can meet popular health practitioners and experience cutting-edge natural products, foods, equipment and services. Speakers include:

Doug Kaufmann – Host of the popular TV show Know the Cause. He is also the author of many books and has been the keynote speaker for the past seven Natural HealthFest events.

Fred Pescatore, M.D. – Physician to the stars and an author. His popular practice is in Manhattan. Pescatore is a best-selling author with a new book, The A-List Diet.

Howard Garrett – Known as The Dirt Doctor, he is a nationally known author, radio host and expert in organic methods for managing lawns, gardens and much more.

Gus Kotsanis, M.D. – This integrative physician is always on the cutting edge and teaches other doctors natural ways to improve hard to treat conditions, even cancer.

Darcy Brunk, DC – An expert in microcurrents for pain, he has become an expert in regenerative medicine using stem cells (from umbilical cords).

Bethany Montecalvo – This esthetician is a renowned film and TV makeup artist. She is an expert in natural and organic methods of skin care and makeup.

Michael Einsohn, DC – He is an expert in thermography, nutrition and naturopathic methods for healing and for catching imbalances early to prevent disease.

Brian LeCompte, M.D. – First trained as a surgeon, he specializes in integrative medicine using tools like ozone and prolotherapy.


Early bird online tickets are $10 online. Admission at the door is $15, but save with $5 off coupon in the May issue - OR download from home page.  Location: 411 West Arapaho Rd., Richardson. For more information, call 1-877-262-7843 or visit


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