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DD: Why is Qigong Healing so profound compared to other remedial modalities?

JP: “Qigong works directly with your life energy to a greater degree than yoga or traditional exercise. Postures are ‘Rooted’ in one place where grounding and electrical charges build stronger. Graceful hand motions move the Qi and blood in profound ways while the person is very relaxed. Qigong’s relaxation response allows for greater microcirculation in the frontal lobes of the brain.

DD: How did your father’s work impact you by working in the medical field growing up as a child?

JP: “My dad is a senior pharmacist at a hospital. He knows pharmaceuticals have side effects and believes in preventing disease using food as medicine. At first, my dad didn’t believe in Qi. Once he felt the energy for himself he began practicing Qigong and studying Chinese medical models. My choice to enter the wellness field was influenced by my dad and his emphasis to a scientific approach. I have a healthy skepticism in all matters of healthcare and I still believe Western medicine has its place when combined with effective food and breathing practices.”

DD: What was the driving force for you to absorb so much from the most respected masters of Qigong?

JP: “As a graduate from University of Florida College of business, I founded Supreme Science Qigong Center to be successful and took my job seriously. Many Qigong teachers I found did not provide the training I was looking for. I did a lot of research and found a Qigong master, Paul Dong, who wrote a book entitled, ‘Empty Force’. I flew him from China to Florida in 2001, because he claimed to have practiced Qigong every day for over 20 years. We arranged a seminar and I gathered a hundred people to hear Paul share his forms, which were light years ahead of any Qigong I learned previously. His presence activated my Qi and I practiced more because of coming in direct contact with him.    

DD: Through this process of education and discipline, how long did it take for you to create the Supreme Science Qigong healing forms?

JP: “After 5 years traveling and producing seminars for other Qigong masters, I finally created my Level-1 Qigong Healing Form. It was first published in our books 2003 and only a few dozen instructors memorized it, but by the end of 2007 we had certified a thousand people to teach this routine. Our videos were ‘Qi-Animated’ to show energy graphically and it assisted people in becoming sensitive to energy. In 2013, we upgraded our Qigong videos to HD animation and in 2017 we finally released our remastered Level-2 video with Ultra-HD animation. Spirit continues to reveal a better way to share these healing practices.

DD: If there was one take away at the end of the Qi Revolution, what would you wish for each person to embody?

JP: “The most important embodiment I’d like people to walk away with is that we can Breathe through life’s challenges and allow God’s Healing Qi to bring strength and guidance. Attendees will personally experience a higher energy from the Qigong. For the last 15 years, people write us thanking us for the powerful breathing exercises at crucial life challenge points. Qigong helps people process stress, but most of all it brings us into a higher state of wellbeing.


Qi Revolution comes to North Texas October 20th-22nd, 2018 Denton, TX Civic Center. For details: (800)-298-8970.




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Small-scale farmers, local food producers, and fans of their products will gather in McKinney from October 14 through 16 for the 12th annual Farm & Food Leadership Conference on the state of the local food movement.

It provides a networking opportunity for those that care about where their food comes from and offers a chance to hear from national experts on how to solve issues related to how our food is grown and distributed.

Each year, the Farm & Ranch Freedom Alliance and its sister organization, the Council for Healthy Food Systems, host speakers on issues that are pertinent not only to farmers, but to local food businesses, home gardeners and consumers interested in nutritional foods.

For the full program, registration and more information, visit



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Yoga for Lyme disease is a way of increasing healing speed by reducing oxidative stress on the body. Lyme disease is a parasitic bacterial infection caused by a tick or any vector bug, either gestationally (breeding) or through blood transfusions. It is very common to get several coinfections once infected with Lyme, which acts as an immunosuppressant and activates any viruses like Epstein-Barr or retroviruses. It is the fastest-growing vector-borne illness in 43 states.

Pranayama, or breath control, techniques deliver oxygen to the fatigued cells of the body, helping them recover faster and avoid apoptosis, or cell death, thus making yoga an oxidative therapy for healing. Deep diaphragmatic breathing while moving through poses is seen as a complete wellness routine for the body, mind and spirit. Our personal outlook on healing is of the utmost importance, and yoga teaches us to tap into the divine inside our breath and quiet the mind to meditate. We know we do not have the power to overcome insurmountable challenges in life, but God does.

One breathing technique to raise the immune system is called ujjayi pranayama. Place one hand on the chest and one on the stomach, then completely fill the lungs while slightly contracting the throat and breathe through the nose. Work up to longer breaths to gain better lung capacity and strengthen the muscles around the lungs.

Yoga shows us what is, and teaches us to be content; to go with the flow and just be. It helps increase cardio efficiency, warm the core, lengthen the spine and stretch tight, sore muscles. helping to rid the body of chronic pain. Yoga can increase flexibility and mobility when joints are flaring or stiff by sending lubrication to them as we move using this breathing technique.

For more Lyme information, visit and



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The Trinity River Kite Festival, formerly known as the Trinity River Wind Festival, is keeping all the kite-flying fun and adventure. It will be held from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., September 22, at the Trinity River and the Dallas Floodway. This outdoor extravaganza of wind, wings and action is produced by the Trinity Commons Foundation and City of Dallas.

There will be public kite flying and kite-flying lessons, the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center with a stage show of rehabilitated raptors (birds of prey), a free kite giveaway, kid’s mini train rides (fee required), draw n' go and paper airplane making, the Dallas Stroller Dash (registration required) and Japanese kite-making booth.

Sponsorships are available; vendors call Chris Mathis at 214-671-9500 or email Parking is available at lots near Riverfront Blvd. and Commerce St.



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The 25th annual National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) National Public Lands Day on September 22 is a time to visit a favorite outdoor spot. Every day, natural disasters and extreme weather, human activities, and a host of other factors take their toll on our public lands, threatening the health and well-being of the people and wildlife who depend on them.

Public land managers, volunteers and others work tirelessly to restore these areas, make them more resilient to future threats and ensure that people and wildlife continue to enjoy them for years to come. Other milestones for public lands in 2018 are 50th anniversary of National Trails System and the 50th Anniversary of Rivers & Trails Act.

Our natural resources are resilient, but only if we treat them right and give them the care they need. Through volunteer service on National Public Lands Day and grant support to local organizations, NEEF helps ensure people of all ages and abilities connect with public lands for recreation, hands-on learning, and community-building—now and in the future. 


Oak Cliff Nature Preserve Clean Up: from 9 a.m. to noon, September 22

OCNP is a 120-acre preserve in the heart of the Oak Cliff neighborhood and well-loved by the people of Dallas and visited by thousands of hikers and bikers year-round. They will be picking up trash and doing some invasive species removal.

Event location: 2875 Pierce St, Dallas. For more information, email


Toyota National Public Lands Day Celebration: from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., September 22.

Volunteers will participate in activities ranging from painting projects to helping clean out and prepare our historic lambing barn for the next round of lambs in the spring.

Event location: Heritage Farmstead Museum, 1900 W. 15th St, Plano. For more information, email


River Legacy Trail Maintenance and Beautification project: from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., September 22.

Trail maintenance, privet pull, trash clean up.

Event location: River Legacy Living Science Center Trails, 703 NW Green Oaks Blvd., Arlington . For more information, email .


Keep Flower Mound Beautiful, Fall Trash Bash & Fair: from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., September 22.

Volunteers go out throughout the town to parks, trails, waterways and roadways to pick up trash. The volunteers bring the trash back and are provided with lunch, prizes, and giveaways. A vendor/environmental educational fair begins at 10 a.m. and is open to everyone for free. It includes kids activities, education stations and vendor booths.

Event location: 3411 Peters Colony Rd., Flower Mound.  For more information, email


Trash Bash: from 9 a.m. to noon, September 29.

Park cleanup to stop litter from reaching the Elm Fork of the Trinity River.

Event location: 333 E. I-635, Irving. For more information, email


For more North Texas National Public Lands celebration events, visit



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National Drive Electric Week (NDEW) held from September 8 through 16, is a nationwide celebration to heighten awareness of today's widespread availability of plug-in electric vehicles (EVs). The regional celebration will return to Grapevine Mills Mall from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., September 8, where visitors can see electric vehicles (EV) of all makes and models without the pressure of visiting a dealership.

For the past three years, North Texas has boasted the largest single-event NDEW celebration in the country outside of California. The event brings together EV companies, advocates, private owners and curious individuals for a day of electric driving, conversation and fun.

Hosted by the Dallas Fort Worth Clean Cities Coalition and the North Central Texas Council of Governments, the event will feature EV industry and advocacy exhibitors, as well as the largest gathering of EVs in the state of Texas, EV owners and enthusiasts will show off their rides, discuss the ownership experience, and demonstrate this clean technology.

For more information and to register your EV, volunteer or learn more about EVs, visit



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Our body is wonderfully designed with natural self-healing abilities. It knows how to keep us healthy on all fronts: healing wounds, fighting pathogens, fixing frayed DNA, boosting longevity, eliminating toxins, canceling out cancer cells and keeping us in order from head to toe.

Because it is always under the influence of our emotions and thoughts, our body mirrors any dysfunction in our subtler bodies— our emotional, mental and spiritual layers. Things inevitably go off course from time to time and when they do, the door opens for disease in all forms to manifest.

This perpetual feedback loop between our body and mind is a great opportunity for expanding self-awareness. Louise Hay’s work on health challenges and associated mental/emotional patterns was brilliant. In fact, as she found, most health challenges arise from too much sadness, which can deepen into depression; fear, which can turn into panic and anxiety; and anger, which can turn to frustration and meltdown—also, too little joy and love.

As you tackle our symptoms biochemically with drugs and supplements, consider exploring what they may represent on a subtler level. Practicing daily affirmations is arguably the simplest, most effective way to release limiting mental and emotional patterns. Here are seven powerful affirmations to help assist the healing journey:

“I am a divine being of light, and I am peaceful, protected and secure.”

“I am radiant, beautiful and strong, and enjoy a healthy and passionate life.”

“I am positively empowered and successful in all my ventures.”

“Love is the answer to everything in life, and I give and receive love effortlessly and unconditionally.”

“My thoughts are positive, and I always express myself truthfully and clearly.”

“I am tuned into the divine universal wisdom and always understand the true meaning of life situations.”

“I am complete and one with the divine energy.”


Naturopath Ronit Mor is the founder of Mor Wellness Concepts, located at 17480 Dallas Pkwy., Ste. 110, in North Dallas. For more information, call 214-612-6776 or visit and



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A Tropical Energy Experiment Looms Large in Our Future

Trammell S. Crow

Dallas Philanthropist and founder of EarthX, Trammell S. Crow, is putting his money where his mouth is and  helping to move the field forward in renewable energy production and deployment.  In an innovative public-private partnership with EarthX The Republic of Palau, an island country located in the western Pacific Ocean, has launched GridMarket and the Global Island Partnership (GLISPA) to bring renewable energy and resilient infrastructure to island and coastal communities. The United Nations high-level political forum helps island and coastal communities achieve their renewable energy and resilient infrastructure goals. This Island Resilience Partnership (IRP) is addressing the biggest challenge in the fight against climate change: time.

As the host of the Our Ocean Conference in 2020, Palau is making the IRP  a cornerstone of its efforts to combat the effects of climate change and improve island sustainability by providing tangible support to local, regional and national governments.

President Tommy Remengesau says, “The voyage to a resilient and sustainable future is not one that is taken alone, but by a movement of cities, states, islands, and countries working together to shape the future we want”. “Over the next two years, the Island Resilience Partnership with GridMarket, EarthX, and GLISPA will proactively engage communities across the globe in order to accelerate the world’s transition toward a sustainable and resilient future.” Remengesau and the IRP will be showcasing the progress of its partners with an exhibition and Island Resilience Pavilion at EarthX 2019 from April 26 through 28, in Dallas.

As a leader of GLISPA, Remengesau is committed to catalyzing sustainable solutions that support the resiliency of islands around the world. Their collaborative approach to strengthening island communities has cultivated a community of international leaders dedicated to a shared mission of the island resilience movement.

“Our partnership has been working across islands for the past 10 years to build island resilience,” says Kate Brown, executive director of GLISPA. “That’s why we’re excited to scale a proven public-private partnership that not only develops national resiliency roadmaps, but implements distributed energy solutions that achieve climate mitigation and adaptation goals. Too often, islands are dismissed as small and insignificant, but this unique partnership demonstrates why islands are becoming a model for the global transition towards resilient infrastructure.”

Palau’s public-private partnership is currently transitioning its energy economy away from dependency on imported diesel toward self-sustaining energy infrastructure; a national plan that was developed and is being implemented at no cost to the country’s government, due to the generosity of EarthX. GridMarket, which was spun out of a public-private partnership with the city of New York following Hurricane Sandy, used its predictive analytics and mapping technology to identify renewable energy and microgrid solutions for Palau’s government buildings, commercial properties and residential homes.

After witnessing the success of the partnership in Palau, Crow committed to scaling the public-private partnership in order to help those communities already being impacted by rising sea levels, ocean acidification and natural disasters.

“We now have a proven model for quickly transforming a diesel-dependent country with a fragile energy grid into a resilient, renewable energy-producing nation,” says Crow. “By underwriting GridMarket to not only develop energy roadmaps for governments, but also implement their distributed energy projects, we’re able to cut through bureaucratic red tape and quickly provide significant support to countries because it’s being provided to them for free. I’m committed to scaling our public-private partnership to coastal communities around the world because we simply don’t have time to waste.”



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The term inflammation can be confusing. Sometimes, inflammation is described as a good friend that aids the healing process in our body. Other times, it is described as the enemy that invades and destroys the body. The truth is that both are correct. Inflammation is a chemical process that occurs in response to cellular injury; at least initially.

Good inflammation helps our bodies fight infections and illness. For example, when we fall onto a knee while roller blading and a scab forms at the wound site, the inflammatory process is working appropriately. Ultimately, new and healthy tissue will replace the scab until only a small remnant of the injury remains. Inflammation becomes the enemy when its presence remains longer than needed and the immune system goes into overdrive.

This is considered chronic or excessive inflammation and can eventually cause or contribute to diseases and conditions such as asthma, sinusitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Inflammation can become present in the body due to several factors such as poor diet and lifestyle, exercise (too much or too little), medications, environmental exposures, emotional stress, physical trauma, virus or bacteria.

Sometimes inflammation is self-evident. Osteoarthritis of the knee is a classic example. This is a degenerative process that frequently begins with sports trauma in the teens or 20s. As time goes on there are visible changes involving the joint that are apparent to the untrained eye. Chronic, widespread inflammation may become more challenging to identify. Symptoms can vary and may include unexplained weight loss or weight gain, muscle or joint pain, digestive problems, allergies, high blood pressure, digestive issues or malaise—a general feeling of discomfort that may be difficult to describe with symptoms such as poor concentration.

To reduce inflammation in the body, start by choosing a healthier diet, exercising moderately and reducing stress in daily life. Try an anti-inflammatory diet consisting of whole, nutrient-dense foods such as fruits and vegetables, nuts and whole grains, eggs and fish, and eliminate sugars, processed foods, refined grains, alcohol, and conventional grain-fed meats and dairy. Use natural cleaning and personal care products to eliminate toxins in the home and most importantly, get a good night’s sleep.

If inflammation is suspected, its best to avoid the Internet self-diagnosis and see your healthcare provider for testing and evaluation. Chronic inflammation should be evaluated in a methodical manner, starting with comprehensive blood work and a physical examination.  

Dr. Johnny East, is an Osteopathic physician and  founder of Addison Pain and Regenerative Management, located at 16633 Dallas Pkwy., in Addison. For more information, visit



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The 90th North Texas Fair and Rodeo will take place from August 17 through 25 in Denton, with nine exciting nights of country music, first-class professional and youth rodeos, livestock shows, a kid fun zone and other fun attractions. This event showcases agricultural products, horticultural, craft, cattle, sheep, farm produce, vegetables, flowers, cookery, wine, arts and crafts. Gates open Monday through Friday at 6 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday at 1 p.m.

The nonprofit North Texas State Fair Association preserves and promotes Western heritage and values and strives to preserve and promote an understanding of the agricultural industry. It is committed to a mission of supporting Youth, Agriculture, and Community with year-round activities. All revenue generated is reinvested into programs, scholarships and facilities.

Admission is $5 to $20. Location: North Texas Fairgrounds, 2217 N. Carroll Blvd., Denton. For a full music, rodeo and attraction schedule, visit




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