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Green Century Capital Management has reached a new landmark, now exceeding $500 million.

As the investment advisor to the first family of fossil fuel-free responsible and diversified mutual funds in the U.S., their unique combination of three characteristics allows it to make an impact well beyond its size. Green Century invests in sustainable companies, leads a shareholder advocacy program and is owned by nonprofit organizations.

Green Century has grown 435 percent since 2012, mirroring both the rise of interest in sustainable investing and the growth of global fossil fuel divestment campaigns. “More than ever, people want to make an impact through their investments,” says Leslie Samuelrich, president of Green Century Capital Management. “We are a mission-driven firm seeking to provide competitive returns for investors who want to align their values and invest in sustainable companies. We are proud to work with our investors to transition away from industries that have misled the public and have driven the devastating effects of climate change that we are witnessing today with the latest rash of hurricanes and fires.” Samuelrich thinks that fossil fuel-free investing is not only possible, but is a relatively easy way to act on eco-friendly concerns while providing financial benefit for investments.

One out of every five dollars of professionally managed assets in the U.S. is now invested with some consideration of environmental, social and governance factors, according to U.S. Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment. Samuelrich says. “I believe they [customers] turn to Green Century because of our commitment to help them invest in the future without compromising their values and our ability to make a difference on issues they care about, such as protecting tropical rainforests and promoting sustainable agriculture.”

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